Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hard Is Important

Getting a hard-on is important to us guys. Very important. The ability may not be the forefront brain focus - but let that sucker fail for any reason and we go into a real tailspin! We become depressed, we become angry, we worry. I know that's what my reaction was the first time it happened to me.

I was in the military and, in addition to the buddies I jacked off with and the Friday night circle jerks, I had a lady I was seeing on a regular basis. I got my very first blowjob from the back seat of my car at a drive-in movie. It was the first time we'd done anything sexual.

We sat watching the film and drinking our wine (of course) and I felt her hand on my crotch. Instant boner. Before I knew it she'd undone my zipper and had wrapped her hand around the shaft of my dick and was slowly stroking it, fondling my balls. It went on for the longest time and my nuts were aching to boil over. "I hope you intend to finish what you've started," was all I said. She pulled my pants off entirely, pushed my legs wide and lowered her mouth down on me - all the way to the balls.  She came up off of it only once to tell me, "Damn, you taste good!" At some point I stretched my body out across her lap as she sucked away, my feet hanging out the window. Without any warning at all, my balls yanked up, my cock engorged even more. I didn't know my cock could get that hard! I shot the first blast to the back of her throat. She bobbed up and down, stroked my shaft, and cradled my balls the whole time. And I came and came and came. When the last bit of cum finished oozing from the tip of my cock, she licked me clean. "I didn't think you were ever gonna stop cumming!" and she laughed. "But, you could've warned me you were gonna shoot." Fuck! it surprised me when it started!

But I digress, sorry. A couple of months later, we were in my bed at the barracks and my sorry excuse for a boner just wasn't hacking it. We finally gave up... I was in a funk for days!! And my nuts were beginning to ache. Nothing was working...Not whacking off solo, not with any of my jerk-off buddies, even the circle-jerk that week failed to get a full rise out of my pecker.


And it was all I could think about. I couldn't concentrate on my duties, I wasn't hungry, didn't eat, started losing weight, I had trouble sleeping, dark bags under my eyes. My sergeant asked what was wrong (of course I didn't tell him) and suggested I might want to hit sick bay. I was that obsessed over my limp dick. Finally, almost two full weeks later, I woke up with a woody that wouldn't quit. My pole felt as hard as the steel bedpost in my hand. It had come back as suddenly as it had taken its hike. Relieved, I laid on my bunk, stroked out a huge load of jizz, and my life went back to normal.

Yes, a hard-on is that important to us guys. Which is what leads me to tomorrow's post...



Yes! We need that stiff cock! Another terrific post!

Westernstock said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. The fifth pic I could look at for ever!

AOM said...

Hot Pix, Hotter Story, and happy ending! Thanks my friend and happy boners to you and to us all. You got me busy stroking away. Thanks! Hugs, AOM

Queer Heaven said...

Love this post an the photos! Getting hard is defiantly one of the joys of being a guy.