Monday, August 22, 2016

Gay For Pay

We've had lots of conversations about the fluidity of sexuality. There are some who still don't believe in the Kinsey Bell Curve; LGBT people who think if a man engages in any sexual activity with another man, it means he must be homosexual; straight people who believe the same. That even jacking-off in front of one another
let alone stroking each other's cocks
certainly constitutes gay sex. However, kicking back to get a blow job or hand job from some guy might be okay.
The leaking of information about "gay for pay" has stunned and confused so many, many people in our society. Now, here's a chance to get the story right from the self-identifying straight men who do gay porn. Evidently, there is a disproportionate percentage of men working in gay porn who identify as straight. And, we're not talking about strictly solo masturbation films and photo shoots.

Because they've been doing those for years for Playgirl and the like.

We're talking all sorts of activity.





Border2Border Entertainment presents:
I'm a Porn Star: Gay4Pay

Here's a film which delves into the mystery and asks:

Why would a straight man do gay porn? What motivates him to try this or make a career of it? Why is there such keen interest and debate into the sexuality and personal lives of these men? And what does it say about us, the viewer that so much of gay porn is dominated by images of straight men? Are there shades of internalized homophobia emerging?

To answer these questions the documentary interviews men from some of the most popular and prolific studios that feature straight men including,,, and  Gay performers also add their perspective about working with straight guys.
I’m a Porn Star: Gay4Pay is produced and distributed by Border2Border Entertainment and will launch worldwide August 30 but is already available for rent or purchase on AmazonVimeo, video on demand services.

Check it out:


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Xersex said...

gay 4 pay, but are we sure their nature is 100% straight?


If they really enjoy it, why not! Sex should be "PLAY"! If they like "playing" with other men gay or straight, go on, do it! If you get paid for it all the better! Pleased that your medication has been adjusted and that you are feeling better.

French Patrick said...

Yes, there are gays for pay, but what is the problem? In any case (gay or not), it is for pay. If he is really hetrosexual the "label" corresponds perfectly to what it announces. If in fact he is gay or bisexual, it is a lie, but what importance? Why an actor of gay porn movies would be more that an other one supposed to make his coming out, whatever is the reason, good or not, which prevents him from exiting from his closet? In French slang, we call "une honteuse" (= a shameful, in the feminine) a gay claiming to be a heterosexual.
What is sure, is that this update is interesting and that it contains good photos.
I wish you a wondrous day, mon chéri, not forgetting our dear Jean. Many bisous for both of you (certainly not for pay).

Jean WM said...

Aren't they entertainers at heart first? And they're really good at it? They must enjoy the action because otherwise they wouldn't be able to perform if really turned off.

On the other side gay men have been very famous leading men in the theater and films and nowadays no one seems to care. And then there all the grey areas folks operate in now. Famous people date same sex and then they change. You're right relationships are getting fluid. Maybe they always were and we just didn't have the freedom we have now.

Higs and bisous to Pat and Patrick for making us think.

SickoRicko said...

Great post; very provocative.

AOM said...

I don't know - watching porn videos is all about the fantasy for me and I really don't think about it or care - I think perhaps our world places too much emphasis on labels of either or. I hope you are doing well and having fun, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Justin said...

Cash, more money. Porn studio's pay top dollar for these boring muscle bound hairless models to fuck equally boring gym guys. If you bottom more cash. The resulting scene is utterly soulless and unbelievable, cue multiple close ups of hairless cock entering hairless arse amid screams of agony. YAWN. Some guys will fuck anything so they are neither str8 nor gay, they are just walking hard on's

Tex said...

We have to remind ourselves that the film industry is all about fantasy and entertainment. These guys aren't using their real names, these are not their boyfriends, pool guys, pizza delivery guys, co-workers, professors, etc.

Just like the rest of us, some of them are straight, some are bi, some are gay. Some are out and others are not willing to admit it to themselves or anyone else.

It is amazing to me that a guy who identifies as straight can allow himself to get turned on, get an erection and blow a load with another person who he is not sexually turned on by. Now, that is acting.

Articles like this are the reason I read this blog.

whkattk said...

@ Tex - I do manage to find some interesting stuff - and I'm very glad you enjoy the blog!