Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Common Ground Two

Several readers pointed out, dad needs to get busy here, and teach his sons what it means to be a father and a leader. Indeed, a group of my friends and I were visiting over drinks and one guy made mention of his son's spontaneous boners, another said, "It's time for you to introduce his hand to his penis."
Spear suggested that if the father wasn't ready to explain things, the older brother introduce the younger one to this blog. Perhaps.
Here's more of the email:

"It's ok that we share a bedroom. He's seen me naked before maybe even seen me with a boner once or twice He knows why I left and came to live with our dad Still I'm a bit nervous about jackingoff with him in the room but I think at some point he'll catch me at it Ha! I'd love to catch him at it But do you think I could just be open or try to be slick about it?"

Well, this is further discussion and instruction with the three of you together. Masturbation, particularly at the age of you and your brother, not only helps you cope with the full, aching sensation in the balls, and the near-constant boners (more on that tomorrow), it's a way to prepare for partner sex.

If he hasn't done it already, your father should be buying you two some type of lube and providing you both with old hand towels for clean-up. If he's really brave - in that he understands this is your opportunity to learn how to control your ejaculations - he'd get you each a FleshJack.

But, regardless, there is no reason you should have to hide from your brother. No reason he should have to hide from you.
You may even end up as my brother and I did: jacking off together. Even stroking each other's cocks all the way to ejaculation.

This is also a means of learning. Learning to openly communicate with a partner; telling them what you like, what you want more of in the moment, when to slow down and back off, when you're ready to cum.




Anonymous said...

Okay, if my son is sending you emails with these questions it's time for a sit-down with both boys. Not that I mind him reading. He's a big boy now and can make those decisions for himself. The younger one...I'll think about it. For lube, I hope Baby Oil will work. That's what I used as a kid, and I can get some shop rags for clean-up. I'll think about the FleshJacks, but it may be a little too soon for sex toys.

And, son, please! Use punctuation. Email is not texting. Love, Dad. LOL

whkattk said...

@ Dad - I hope you'll let us know how the discussion goes. Many, many parents are scared to death of having these conversations, and hearing of your experience may help them forge ahead. But, you've already got a leg up because you've supported your older son in the face of what must have been a tough time for him.

Xersex said...

I'm an exception, but my parents have never mad any conversations about sex and male body. I learnt all on my own!

SickoRicko said...

Great advice. I want to add that FleshJacks are fabulous!

whkattk said...

@ Rick - It's the most popular masturbation sleeve in the history of sex toys. After buying and trying one, many men purchase more.

whkattk said...

@ Dad - I forgot to say that Baby Oil will work just fine. You might be surprised at how often you need to buy it, but... LOL. But allow me to ask: What do you use?

AOM said...

Sure wish I had had a FleshJack back in the day - but I guess it would have kept me for all the exploring I did trying to invent my own. LOL Great pix - putting me in the mood for some self-pleasure. Wishing you a glorious day, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Anonymous said...

moms talk about that period of the month and dads talk about boners that's commom ground

Jean WM said...

Really interesting. Careful with the baby oil, it will oil stain the sheets and clothes. Knowing nothing about this, aren't there some good Sauve lotions that aren't so oily and fairly cheap? Or are they not as good?

Hugs and bisous.

T said...

When we were growing up at that age we never got told about the penis stuff, we figured that stuff out on our own. We were a blended family but similar ages. We found porn first and pretty much learned everything from that. The only penis stuff we got told was you have to wash it, pull the skin back and check your balls for lumps (by the grandmother) and your penis does not bend when hard (from older cousin; he got an injury from sex). When I was younger and got hard once in the showers after swimming my Granfather said they happen and go on as if its nothing.

We got the other sex talks instead. We got the sex and sexuality ones instead. This was by my mother. On sex it was about responsibility and protection. We were told if you dont have protection you dont have sex regardless of what the other person says (if they have it or not). Pretty much got told not to trust the other person when it came to protection. If you dont have it you say no you dont go ahead with it. We had the sexuality talk before we got to high school so we wouldnt have any issues. Still had issues as we found out not everyone has very liberal parents/family where that stuff was openly discussed.

With all the sex/penis talks we ever had none of them were with either one of our fathers. If it wasnt my mother it would have been my grandparents or our older cousin.

whkattk said...

@ T - Thanks goodness your grandparents were open enough to teach you what they did. I hope your cousin didn't end up with a permanently bent cock - those are tough to do anything with but jack off. Surgery could straighten it again by removing the scar tissue from the Tunica.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Hand and/or body lotions don't work as well because they are designed to be absorbed by the skin fairly rapidly. That doesn't stop most young men from using them, though.

Justin said...

Learnt to jack off all on my own and I did share with an older brother. It just seems to me one of those natural instincts that just happen.

Anonymous said...

Now that Jean mentions it, I knew that about Baby Oil. My mom complained about the oil stained sheets a couple of times. The last time my father stood there with a bit of a smirk on his face and told me to be more careful. He never talked to me about jerking off but he must've talked to my mother because she never mentioned it again.

But, Pat is right. Body or hand lotion doesn't work well. Maybe I'll look for some kind of massage oil. To answer your question, Pat...most of the time I wank dry. - Dad

T said...

@ whkattk , the Cousins one was bent for quite a while. He showed us. It has an upward curve now. It still works but he has said he cant do some of the things he use to do before the injury. The girl he was with at the time lost her balance and slipped mid rhythm. No sexual activity for a few weeks until the bruising went away and sex was a no until wanking was no longer painful.

On oils and lotions, try health food stores or if market day is on there will be some naturalist store that will sell natural lube. My friend she has one she uses and its all natural stuff. I think she makes it herself from stuff she gets from the stalls. Supermarkets dont sell it and Pharmacies usually dont stock natural stuff unless its from a big company. She has skin allergies to most synthetic ones. It doesnt have sugar, alcohol and parabens