Friday, July 6, 2018

Long, Slow, and Luxurious

Jessica Wildfire makes another observation I'd like to comment on as a finale to this series on her article. A boyfriend once asked her to "watch him jerk off. Not in a Louis CK creepy kind of way." She states she kind of regrets not relaxing into it more.
She's right. She could've learned much sooner that when a man is in a relationship, he still masturbates. It's because he wants to relax into himself, enjoy the journey without any real end goal in mind. Yes, chances are he's going to cum, but when the activity begins that isn't on his mind. 

When a guy asks his partner to watch, sure it's a bit of exhibitionism at work, but it's also a way to teach. If Jessica had watched, she would've learned the fine art of the hand job specifically for him; how he likes his cock stroked, his balls massaged, or his nipples played with. Perhaps he likes internal or external prostate stimulation. Learning what a partner likes, what he (or she) wants and how to go about it can foster better sex.

It's a long, slow and luxurious thing which ends in an explosive, satisfying ejaculation.

Happy Friday.
Now, whichever the case, you've got all weekend to teach or learn.


SickoRicko said...

Fabulous set of GIFs at the end!!

Patrick said...

Great post! Have a relaxing weekend! Morning temps down again, but sunny day to follow.

French Patrick said...

Happy Friday, my friend, even if you don't need to devote all your weekend to teach or learn as, for you, I think that this vocation is an everyday task.
Love, hugs and bisous, my darlings Jeean and Pat.

Jean WM said...

Teach, learn or just do as you say. Happy weekend and World Cup! How about France!! ����❤️����

Xersex said...

happy weekend!!!

james k said...

what video is the set of gifs from at the end?.. very hot guy there

whkattk said...

@ james k - I wish I knew. It would be terrific to post the entire thing.

French Patrick said...

@ SickoRicko
@ james k
@ whkattk

When he uploaded them, about two months ago, the author of these gifs wrote that this man is Max from Corbin Fisher


Best regards.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling my sons wouldn't have any trouble jerking off in front of a spouse. God knows they do it with their friends often enough. - Dad