Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Morning Wood and Peeing

"Over the years you stated it's difficult to piss with a hard-on. In the morning I have the toughest time trying to pee through my boner even though it feels like I'll burst. Why?"
Excellent question. And, you're right, I've never explained why it's difficult to piss with a boner. It's a fairly common malady, though.
But, looking for answers...well, answers aren't very common. What I've been able to find is that a combination of things is happening. The cavernosum are filled - typically in the morning to absolute capacity. (It's why the morning boner seems to be men's favorite one of the day.) This puts pressure on the Prostate past which all fluids make their way to the outside world. Consequently the sphincter of the bladder gets "back pressure" if you will. The pelvic muscles are also in play here - those muscles you should be exercising by doing Kegels. Those muscles are working to add support to your hard-on.
So.... We must convince the bladder sphincter to open up and then try to relax the pelvic muscles enough to ease the all pressure to get the flow started.
Boners, and moreover morning wood, typically keep the bladder from emptying fully. Which kind of explains why it's not long before we have to whizz again. Though it doesn't fully explain the phenomenon, this article in Mel Magazine: If You Want to Pee With a Boner might help shed more light on the subject.
Evidently, ageing assists in alleviating this, too, because morning wood doesn't appear to stick around as long as it did in youth.

I will caution you: The worst thing you can do is push down on a boner when you need to pee. All that does it cut off the flow.
Best thing...go stand in the shower. The warm water will help things get started.
As you pee, the boner should begin to dissipate.
And, you won't have to clean walls and floors because your cock is too hard to aim down at a toilet bowl.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Simple Answer

Sometimes, you just have to say, "Huh." Somtimes, you just have to look for the simple answer. The following email in response to yesterday's issue of shame. 
"My mom and dad were 15 when I was born. There still together. For my 13th birthday my dad took me on a week long camping and fishing trip. Before then we did weekend camping a lot. I didn't realize it for many years but he planned that birthday week to be my "talk' about sex I think because he didn't want me to make the same mistake. He actually brought some porn to show me straight and gay and bi. The first night he slipped out of the tent to take a leak. It seemed like he was gone forever so I poked my head out to see if I could see where he was. Sitting on a bench jacking his cock. I actually went out and asked if he was jerking off and if I could watch. That was my education about masterbation. He took his time and explained what it was he was doing and that he did it all the time and why he did it. In the morning he woke up with his morning boner went out of the tent and pissed and then crawled back into the tent and jerked again. And he encouraged me to do it too as often as I wanted. We spent that whole week naked and jerking off and he answered all the questions I asked. I'm 24 now and I can still ask questions when I need to. I'm writing you this for the anonymuos guy who feels shame because I think he should go ask his dad about it. I think we forget that our dads were that age once and if we'd ask they'd tell us what we need to know. I hope he does that and his dad lets him know that jerking off is good."

A young guy gets his girl pregnant and, without shame, makes sure his son knows there's an alternative to a case of the hornies.
I do have to agree we rarely acknowledge that our parents were once young and horny. We hide our hard-on's, we deny our inclination to relieve them by jacking off.
We watched Love, Simon over the weekend. There's a scene where his dad walks into his room, then leaves apologizing with a simple, "Sorry, I didn't know you  were masturbating." (though Simon wasn't). It shows that fathers do know and remember what it was like to be that age and we all just need to be open and honest about it.

That way we might spare one another those feelings of shame.

Monday, November 12, 2018

For Anonymous Who Feels Shame

Received the following comment last week that just makes my heart ache. Especially because it is left Anonymously so I can't respond directly in addition to addressing the issue in a post.
"Anonymous said: Thanks to you, i have been sleeping buff naked for 1 week and it is the best sleep i have ever had. But why do i feel ashamed after masturbating?"
Dude, I'm very happy you've taken the advice to sleep nude. You'll avoid damage that way. But, to understand why you feel ashamed after masturbating will take you supplying more information.

Are you ashamed of having a penis? Have you been raised in a home where the body (and its functions) are thought to be "dirty" or "shameful?"
Does it bother you that people know you're going in to a men's room? Are you uncomfortable with other guys seeing your cock in a locker room?
If not, does it embarrass you that your penis gets erect? Or, to even think about it getting hard?

Have you been teased by others, like your friends or members of your family, about masturbation?

Sexual energy, and the pleasure it brings during activity, will push negative thoughts into the background. The better it feels, the more focused we become on enjoying it.
After an orgasm (ejaculation), the erection will subside and those negative thoughts can return. But, in order to understand why you feel shame after you cum, we must understand why you hold negative thoughts about jacking off in the first place.
In other words, you need find the root cause of the shame and embarrassment of doing something so normal and natural; something which is the absolute most common sexual activity.
My Reader who posed the questions for last week's posts responds: "Amazing posts! I have been asking friends to visit your informative blog. Thanks again for speaking about these things. They have cleared my misconceptions! Harish"
So many never respond - so i appreciate you letting me know I've been able to address your questions.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Relax and Enjoy

So, to finish up with the questions my Reader posed about masturbation, here's the final one:
"Does regular ejaculation cause weight loss and acne?"
The short answer is, "No."
To reference my personal journey, I've struggled with weight my entire life. My dancing years were the slimmest, and fittest. My years in the military found me gaining and losing. At one point I ballooned up to 247 pounds (112k). In the years before the Muscular Dystrophy robbed me of full-on erections, I did plenty of jerking off. Multiple times a day in my teens and single years, on into both of my marriages when I also had plenty of sex.

This statement from an article in India Times, dated Feb 9, 2018, sums this up: "MASTURBATION AND WEIGHT LOSS: Masturbation doesn’t cause weight loss. It neither impacts your genitals nor any other part of the body. According to various beliefs, masturbation could be responsible for insanity, infertility, hairy palms or blindness. But neither of these beliefs are true."
Acne is caused by an inflammation and infection of the pores. During puberty, when our hormones are raging, the issue of acne hits many males. Both my brother and I suffered from pretty bad cases; my brother much, much worse than I. We both jerked off a lot - alone, together, with our buddies. One might be tempted, then, to blame all that ejaculating for the acne. But, here's the thing: None of our jack-off buddies had that problem.

This statement from an article in Healthline, dated Feb 23, 2018, sums it up: "There are a lot of myths and misconceptions around masturbation, including how the act affects your skin. Some people believe that masturbating can lead to pimple outbreaks, but that's far from true. Masturbation doesn'tcause acne — at all. Its effect on hormone levels is only tangentially-related to acne development."

So, relax and enjoy yourself.
I mentioned in yesterday's post that people who were at the Route 91 Festival emerged from the bar where 12 people were killed. Now confirmed: Navy Veteran Telemachus Orfanos, who survived the Las Vegas massacre, was killed in the mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA.