Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cock in Courtship

Jean and T both made an excellent point to yesterday's post - I should have told the man to first get his sister's permission to educate her son about masturbation. I'll have to send a follow-up email, and hope it's not too late.
But, I also agree with fullmoonma. It's a shame that we have reached these tenuous times in respect to educating the young. There is much they should know, yet we need to proceed with such caution that I think we, in this country at least, are taking giant leaps back to the days when the penis and any knowledge of it was a taboo subject.
Contrast that to the UK's openness, as proven by the renewed television show, Naked Attraction. Participants stand nude behind frosted glass from the waist up. The folks choosing whom of these men to date see only genitals and backsides.
Photo courtesy of Naked Attraction via Cocktails and Cocktalk

Photo courtesy of Naked Attraction via Cocktails and Cocktalk

Photo courtesy of Naked Attraction via Cocktails and Cocktalk

Photo courtesy of Naked Attraction via Cocktails and Cocktalk

Photo courtesy of Naked Attraction via Cocktails and Cocktalk

Photo courtesy of Naked Attraction via Cocktails and Cocktalk

Photo courtesy of Naked Attraction via Cocktails and Cocktalk
It's only after they make a choice that the men exit the glass enclosures anyone sees the entire body.
Photo courtesy of Naked Attraction via Cocktails and Cocktalk

Photo courtesy of Naked Attraction via Cocktails and Cocktalk

Photo courtesy of Naked Attraction via Cocktails and Cocktalk
And, they don't discriminate, either; gay and straight appear on the show. (Now you're wishing you were able to get the BBC, aren't you?) But the program makes for an interesting exercise. Do we begin courtship based solely upon physical attraction? And, how important is a man's cock in the mating game? Is there anything about it that would steer a decision?
Presence or absence of a foreskin?
How important is (was) cock to you in the game of attraction?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Demonstrate Technique?

I love hearing from readers, whether it's via comment or email, even if it is an issue I've dealt with before. This landed in my inbox yesterday:

"My 14 year old nephew is staying with us at the beach for the summer to give my sister a break. The kid has been acting up so we thought this might give him a chance to settle down a bit. Over the weekend he saw me jerking off. Okay, no big deal, right? Guys jerk off. Now he wants me to teach him.

My wife thinks it's funny that he "caught" me "stroking the snake" and said I should absolutely teach him because he has no father in the picture. I'm okay with talking about any subject he wants. He wants to learn about his dick, fine. He wants to know about girls (or guys) and sex, no problem. But I draw the line at showing him how to jerk off.

What should I do? Do I stand my ground, or do I do as my wife suggests, which is to send her out shopping, and drop trou with him and teach him "how take care of himself?""

Well, first things first. It's good to hear you didn't freak out about him seeing you masturbating. It's positively great to hear you're willing to talk to him on any subject dealing with his maturing body and sex. It's even more heartening to hear you'll discuss male-to-male sex, because the world around us is changing and the younger generation is much more accepting of sexual fluidity (yeaay!).
Do you drop trou, take boner in hand, and demonstrate technique? Well, I'd be cautious, very cautious. If your sister should find out - what then? Would she accept it, or would she get upset - perhaps even report it to your local authorities? The thing is, he's under the age of consent.

As much as I'm all for being open about jacking off, as much as I'm all for teaching young men what they have a right to know, I'm going to suggest you keep your cock in your pants. All it would take to ruin your life is to have him get pissed off about something you say, or do, and accuse you of sexual abuse and assault.

Buy some solo DVDs, or purchase some clips from a site like LegendMen, and have him watch. Some of those guys take masturbation to new levels. If you want to sit there to answer questions, fine. If - sorry, when he gets a boner, if he wants to follow along with the guys on the screen, let him. But try to keep your boner in your pants, keep his hands off your cock, and definitely keep your hands off his.

What's your opinion? Is it okay to jack off with the nephew to demonstrate with no touching, or should he keep his own cock under wraps?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tell Me What You Think

Speaking of does matter. No, really. For a variety of reasons - not just because we want to be bigger; not because our partners want a bigger cock to play with. No.

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, a long-term relationship in my past complained I was banging into her cervix. I was too big for her 
and we had to make adjustments.



"It's not the size of the tool, it's how you use it" is true in many cases. Relationship expert Tracey Cox wrote a great article for the
on how you can have great sex no matter the size of your cock. It's all in how you use it, what positions you employ to enhance the experience for both you and your partner.




But, I have to agree with the comments at the end. Some are insightful, but some are a real hoot. 

Then tell me what you think about cock size.

Monday, July 24, 2017

A Universal Wonder

Length, girth, shaft curvature, and the existence and even the length of foreskin all may vary. But, it remains a universal truth; this is the male body.

We attended an Erotic Art Exhibit over the weekend. Most of the work was poorly done - though the asking prices were only for the wealthy. I think our friend over at AOM should have adjudicated this "juried art show" - it would've been much better. And still some people are offended by this.
The thing that struck us: How few paintings, sketches, and photographs there were of men. Perhaps .001%. So, we asked one of the artists who did have a few in his exhibit room. His explanation: "Most artists prefer women because their curves make for a more interesting piece of art."
Huh. Well, okay.... So long as it isn't, "Oh, my God! who wants to look at and draw, paint, or photograph a man!" Though I find the lines and shadows of definition on a man just as interesting.
The conversation progressed to one of nudity, and we agreed that it's ridiculous that society continues to press against it, continues to claim general offense at the human body. I, for one, find both men and women equally beautiful and endlessly fascinating.

Because the human body is a universal wonder.
Sexual attraction aside, what is your opinion?