Friday, March 23, 2012

It's What We Live For


and cum.

It's definitely what we guys live for.

Everything in between is distraction, filler. Emptying the baby batter from the balls is a man's most base instinct. It's why the other inate instincts exist in us: To drive us to survive another day so we can bone up and cum again. We seek food to sustain our bodies; we seek shelter to shield our bodies. Nature doesn't care if our balls don't produce any swimmers, our cocks get hard anyway with the urge to blast out that load. We mark and protect our territory for the purpose of achieving that most basic need: To shoot our cum. We protect our partners and spouses so they will be ready and able to receive what our cocks want to give: more cum.

A man's body can produce multiple batches of it every day so he can spread it around as much as possible. It's our sentient thought process, the ability to think and reason that stops us - well, most of us, anyway - from straying outside of the matrimonial bedding. In order to keep from spreading our cum far and wide, a majority of men take matters into their own hands on a very regular basis. This relieves the urge to go out and find a willing recipient - as man did hundred's of thousand's of years ago for thousands of years (except back then a recipient didn't even have to be willing, they just had to be there).

A faithful reader sent me a link to a blog that (from what I can tell so far, anyway) discourages men from jacking off. This particular thought process boggles my mind - especially because the blog author claims to be a man, though I have my doubts. I'm going to do a lot of reading of this blog and report my findings and impressions of what appears to be a growing movement within the extreme conservative community. A movement to reign in this base instinct in both genders unless it is for the singular and distict purpose of procreation.

They want us to keep it soft

put it back in our pants.

and keep our hands away from it

In the meantime, guys, I encourage you all to grab that boner and enjoy it! Nature provided it, nature urges you to use it.


TornJeans said...

The man in jeans with bulge is hot!
I will always play with my dick.
Always get it hard many times during the day.
Be interesting to see what blog you are talking about.


Another great post of hot men doing what men should do! Great text too! Agree completely!

Anonymous said...

IN George Orwells Nineteen Eighty-four control of the sex drive was one of the basic tools of the ruling system to control the population. It's a good read if you havn't already done so.

becca said...

may say todays post is not only HOT but very informative thank you for an enjoyable read


Smooth Jock said...

wow wow wow ... super-hot post!!! great photos and even greater text!

whkattk said...

Thanks for the great coments guys!

Anon is correct - if you haven't read George Orwell's "1984" get a copy and read it - you'd be surprised to find how close we've actually come to living it right now!

whkattk said...

@ becca - every creature that exists carries this most basic instinct. Primates are the most likely to masturbate, though other species have been observed doing the deed. Glad you liked the post!