Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happiness Is...

The other day, blogger buddy extraordinaire, Your French Patrick left this perfect comment:

'Do you know that the word "boner" in English is pronounced as the word "bonheur" in French, and that "bonheur" means happiness?'- Your French Patrick

As all these smiles attest, happiness is a good, solid, hard-as-a-rock boner. 

So, go get your happiness on!!


O!Daddie now at said...

VERY cute bois!!!

Your french Patrick said...

I can add that the french word "bonheur" (happiness) itself (and boner by the same way) is pronounced like the expression "bonne heure" (soon, early).
And now, So, if you have a boner "de bonne heure" it is a morning wood.
Have a great day, my dear friend, great morning woods and a big bisou.


WOW! FANTASTIC ARRAY OF COCKS! Mercie! That's French for "Thank you"!

Your french Patrick said...

Nearly exact, my dear friend: "merci" and not "mercie".
Something amusing: it's an old word coming from the Middle Ages and in these times it meant mercy (coming from the old French word), pity.
In French, the word to beg for something became the word to thank when we get it.
Have a great day.

Westernstock said...

Parmi toutes ces belles bites on ne peut pas ne pas remarquer que le mot pour cock en français resemble au verbe anglais "bite". Funny that the french use a word for "cock" that looks just like the English word bite. Something to beware of when sucking cock!

Your french Patrick said...

@ Westernstock:
You are right all the more as from the etymological point of view the French argosy word "bite" comes from the old English word bitan (to bite), and from the common Germanic bitanan.
From there we had a Norman term of former French, the verb to abiter (to approach, to touch), having previously been crossed with the verb habiter (in the sense (in these times) of to have carnal relations with).
I think that (and let me know if I am wrong) that in English to bite means to attack with the teeth (no, I have not said big nor whack).
But also (vulgarly) to perform oral sex, and a bite is a smaller quantity than a mouthful (and here we can say to have in the mouth a bite of the cock of the man who we bite).
LOL, at cockcrow, if we have a boner de bonne heure.
And the cock (the bird) symbolizes France.
Kindest regards.

Anonymous said...

its my BD and these beautiful guys and cocks just made it! love the ones with the asshole showing;0

whkattk said...

@ Anon - Happy birthday!! Thanks for stopping by!

Justin said...

Is that JT in the first pic. If he really had a cock like that he would be perfect

whkattk said...

@ Justin - It's a fake, but I love it!