Monday, June 22, 2015

An Acceptable Alternative

Well, I'm going to address something I've never mentioned before. It may upset a few folks but, it's making news again: Sexual assault (not to be confused with rape) is running rampant on U.S. college campuses. Sexual assault occurs when when there are mitigating circumstances involved: such as alcohol and/or drugs. And, yes, folks, men can be sexually assaulted or raped.
 The partying gets out of hand, signals are misconstrued, and sexual activity takes place - even if initially a joking manner.

There are two underlying issues which don't appear to be recognized by either side of the fence when trying to clamp down on this. 1. The use of alcohol and/or drugs, particularly by underage students. 2. The non-acceptance of masturbation.
Masturbation is still so frowned upon, viewed as a lame substitute for sexual release. That must change. Could someone tell me again why Joycelyn Elders was forced to resign her position within the Bill Clinton administration? We must alter the societal view - particularly among young men. They need to be taught about it - taught that it can be so much more than a quick stroking to cum; that it can be, and should be, a pleasurable thing.

The more open we are about it, the more acceptable it becomes,
perhaps the problems of sexual assault will lessen because guys won't have the ridiculous belief that they can't stop, stuff the boner back into their pants (if indeed they even take it that far), go back to their own dorm room and jack off.
Yes, we know they're horny. We know their cocks are rock hard. We know their balls ache. But, if these guys were not ridiculed for jacking off, maybe - just maybe - they'd feel good enough about themselves to wrap a hand around the shaft and take care of business, instead of forcing themselves onto another person. Stroking off is a perfectly acceptable (and pleasurable) alternative.


A French Patrick said...

In France, these practices more or less festive and other initiation rites, with sexual component or "simple" (sic) humiliations and others violations to the human dignity are severely punished by the law. From that to saying that does not exist any more, it would be doubtless optimistic.

I knew for a long time that there was one Gospel written by Judas and not only those of Mathieu, Marc, Luc and Jean. The Gospel of Judas has been discovered on a palimsest erased so that something new may be written on it and is carefully kept secret by the Vatican, the religion blaming Judas for having denounced Jesus against any credibility because he was too rich to be motivated by the derisory sum of thirty pieces of silver.
I learnt today that we have just discovered that the founding texts of the Muslim religion validated by its highest religious authorities (not to confuse with the frenzies of the extremist fanatics) were written on a palimpsest too under which the original text is extremely different from the Koran.
How many deaths in the name of sacred texts incomplete as for first and false as for the second?

I wish you a wondrous day, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous.


I know that this is a big problem in our society at the present time. I'm not sure what the solution really is. I was raped by another man once, a long time ago. I felt used and abused and "dirty", because he treated me that way. He was bigger and stronger than me and held me down and fucked me. It was supposed to be a SAFE gay venue! Keep cool my friend, Patrick

Xersex said...

I'm happy to have never joined such a degradating "feasts", but I almost killed me wanking during my teenage!

SickoRicko said...

Great subject with great pix.