Thursday, June 25, 2015

Where's My Trophy?

Well, the errands and chores simply got out of hand yesterday, and time slipped by. Before I knew it, the wife was walking in from work and it was time to get dinner together.
Anyway, I thought it might be time for a few laughs around here...
How Eve really tempted Adam into taking a bite of the apple

Cock: It's what's for dinner.

How circle jerks begin

The newest Mayonnaise

Oh, holy shit! Where did it go?

How to troll for a blow job

"Oh, my..."

"...I love the service in this place!"

Well, what if I just hide my package ... will that count as clothing?

Ask your doctor what an apple a day can do for your boner

"Geez, ya didn't need to smack my chin with it!"
"Maybe not, but it felt good on my dick."

Uh, you may as well come out where we can see you

Oh shit! How do I get down if it doesn't go down?

Then where's my trophy?

My wife is taking tomorrow off (a rarity) and we shall be off for a celebratory weekend in honor of her 50th birthday. I shall prepare and schedule a post to assist you all in enjoying your weekend.


A French Patrick said...

"Oh shit! How do I get down if it doesn't go down?"
Sure, it's better if they are both down at the same time.
I think that now you understood why I has to stop making of the gymnastics.

I wish you a wondrous ady, my gorgeous, cool, hot, and warm-hearted friend, with a lot of bisous.

A French Patrick said...

PS: Fifty bisous from me to the saint wife who wins day after day since for so long her place in the paradise by accepting you such as you are.
Just to know, has she a twin sister?

Xersex said...

happy birthday to her!!!
enjoy your time!!!!


Have a great weekend together! I'm trying to remember what it felt like to be 50! Hugs, Patrick

Jean said...

Happy Weekend!

SickoRicko said...

Fun post, and have a great weekend!