Friday, December 2, 2011

The Cure for the Blahs

Well, here it is…the end of another week. It’s raining, it’s cold, it’s windy, and just plain miserable. What a way to head into a weekend, eh? The short daylight hours send me into the doldrums. I could use some naked pool time right about now. I’d say ‘naked beach time’ but long-term unemployment scuttles that; it’s an expensive plane ride to the Caribbean. Thank goodness the local gay bathhouse has a nice warm pool I can skinny dip and float around in.

What’s that? You want to know if I’d hook up with someone in there? Tsk, tsk, tsk… No, I think I’m past that phase of my life. Though in the old days, back when guys would give me an appreciative slap on the ass, or sidle on up next to me in the sauna or steam room and tentatively reach a hand out to grab my cock…yeah, back then I did. And I always enjoyed it. ‘Course, as a married guy, I didn’t know where to find what I wanted either; it wasn’t until a clerk slipped me a coupon that I knew anything about bathhouses (you can read the post here).

That was how, as a married guy, I managed to get my rocks off with other dudes before I discovered and joined the local jack off group.

I’ve had a couple of messages from readers and I’ve seen questions left on other blogs; bi-curious and straight dudes wanting to know how to go about hooking up so they can finally try what they’ve been fantasizing about for so long: jacking off (or more) with another guy.

Yes, the internet has made things a little bit easier. But, as I’ve read over and over again on forums, a lot of guys on hook-up sites (those Personals websites) – including Craigslist – will reply and not follow through (the flakes), some show up and start grabbing and/or gobbling your cock before you’ve even said hello (the loony’s) and some show up to rip you off instead getting you off (the scams).

One excellent way to stick your dick in the water, would be to put the internet to work for you and do a search for a jack off group near you. These groups are perfect for the curious and the married guys because it’s hands only (most of them, anyway) and they have Rules of Engagement. (As I’ve said in previous posts, you’d be amazed at the number of straight, married guys attending these things – the group here was 90% married men.) You can accept an overture, or politely decline; you can ease into it by simply watching if that’s what you’re comfortable with at first. Unfortunately, not every city has an organized group.

The second best bet would be to hit the local gay bathhouse. Yes, they will want your ID, but they won’t keep a record of your visit. This presents the opportunity to fulfill the fantasy, or not. If you aren’t interested a simple, “No thanks,” is all that is needed; you can keep waiting for someone who seems right, or you can get dressed and leave; in the meantime, you’ve relaxed in the Jacuzzi or sauna or steam room and had a chance to look at some nice eye candy in the flesh.

Both choices provide you the means to engage and enjoy that man-meat you’ve been yearning to try, provide the required discretion, and the easy out if you get there and change your mind about actually grabbing a handful of hard-on or allowing someone to grab yours. And it’s the safest type of sexual contact there is.

           Jacking off is an activity that belongs to men and only men; that is shared by men and only men. The thing that surprises most guys upon that first experience is the sense of camaraderie, the sense of bonding, the sense of belonging they feel; that confirmation that they’re part of a brotherhood. Rock on, dudes!

Or, maybe that should that be rocks off!


Westernstock said...

That post makes a good handbook. The illustrations are perfect.


Great post - hot men - your commentary is just so informative and should help others. I still remember my first visit to a gay sauna. WOW!

whkattk said...

@ Westernstock & Lordpatrick - Thank you both... I sure do hope there are guys out there who read and learn. Because I still see too many forum posts from guys asking how to find men who are into mutual jack off.

Brittneyoaiu said...

@ Westernstock & Lordpatrick - Thank you both... I sure do hope there are guys out there who read and learn. Because I still see too many forum posts from guys asking how to find men who are into mutual jack off.