Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Paddy's Day

 Whether you're a wearin' 'o the green type of person

or not

raise a glass

and enjoy the day!


Justin said...

Dude in the tight green shorts is pretty sweet.

Xersex said...

nice post.

take a look to my gingers!!!

Your French Patrick said...

Have a great Saint Patrick's Day, my dear friend, with a big bisou from one Patrick who is not quite a saint, but who is quite yours.
Have a great day and many many bisous.

O!Daddie now at said...

Sorry I'm late- hope your day was magically DELICIOUS!!

Dave Patrick said...

OK, I know this is way late - but PLEASE don't change the good snake hunter's sex. Patty?!! It's Paddy.

Maybe next year you'll have him back as a man.

Your Fan,

whkattk said...

@ Patrick - Yep, you're right! I shall change it now - even though it's late! Thanks for that!