Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Can't Wait


So, Saturday, we're out watching a marathon of Best Picture nominees. We got a decent break around dinner time, so we walked to a nearby restaurant. We we're waiting for our food and a friend goes to the men's room; locked. (They're single rooms; urinal, commode, sink.) He waits, and waits, and waits... Finally, he goes into the one for women, whizzes and comes back to the table. I needed to piss and kept my eye on the door to the men's room.
We got our food, we eat, and whoever was in there when we came into the restaurant, is still in there! Just as I'm about to use the ladies room myself or go piss in a corner somewhere,

I see this young guy emerge. He's scruffy looking with longish hair, beard, wearing cargo pants, backpack slung over his shoulder. I make a run for it before anyone else can beat me to it. I push the door open, close it, lock it, step to the urinal to do my thing. I glance down and there are huge gobs of cum all over the floor around the commode; a stream of it running down the wall opposite it.



No wonder it took this guy so long! But, I've been there myself. In my younger days, of course, when I was horny as fuckin' hell, my cock boning against my jeans,
go into the men's room to take a piss,
just couldn't take it anymore, and sat down to stroke it out.



I think we've all been there, haven't we guys?


Your French Patrick said...

LOL, my dear Pat, we waited since the day before yesterday for this update, and it is the moment that you choose for trying to explain to us that we "Can't Wait" five minutes in front of a closet's door for pissing or wanking?
Of my strict point of view there is not photo between this and that, naughty boy.
And I don't speak about the above photos which are beautiful, especilally the #6
But you are forgiven in advance for whatever you do, all the more that yesterday was Mardi Gras.
LOL, you see that I am both the Prosecution and the Defence for you.
Have a wondrous day, my dear friend, and lots of my best bisous.

Queer Heaven said...

Ha.Ha! Yep I sure have been there.


I have, but it was a very long time ago! The memories linger!

Ulikemydick said...

LOL! I've been there before as well. Shit, I'm still there. Love public masturbation. Thanks for sharing this hot story. Love all the pics. Can't go wrong with penis.

Xersex said...

sure sure!!!

love cum pics!

whkattk said...

@ MFP - No, we can wait 5 minutes - just not hours until we get home! But, mon ami, I am proud to have you as defense counsel as well - you save my bacon every time. LOL. Bisous!

whkattk said...

@ Ulikemydick - Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, bro! Hope you'll stick around and add to the fun.

Anonymous said...

Many MANY times. Got caught once beating it in my college library's bath stall! That was interesting.

Your French Patrick said...

I didn't know "you save my bacon", but I searched and I understand. In french, word by word we say "you save my skin.
LOL, I am sure that your skin is no kind of bacon eatable with eggs, and nevertheless very appetizing.
Thanks for the English lesson, my dear Pat.

Anonymous said...

In my younger days hard all the time.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - I hope your cock still gets hard plenty each day! Nothin' like a good strong boner to tell us everything is okay.