Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Common Issue

Woman to call center: "Yes, my internet is down." Operator: "Well, log onto our helpful website." Woman: "I can't. My internet is down." Operator: "Okay, then, send an email - " Woman: "Sir?" Operator: "Yes?" Woman: "I have no internet." Pause. Operator: "You need to call someone!"
Yep. That's how I felt this morning waiting for the "outage in your area" to be fixed. Finally, it's back!!
So, a Faithful Reader brings up an issue which plagues all men. If you live long enough, you will develop symptoms of BPH, or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, more commonly referred to as an Enlarged Prostate. The gift of Nature as we age is the continuing growth of the prostate (like the cock couldn't grow, too? That would've been so terrible?).
The symptoms are needing to piss frequently, the sensation that you haven't fully emptied the bladder. Waking up, perhaps numerous times, during the night - sans boner, unfortunately - to pee. 
You lose sleep. You lose time doing chores, or other activities, even from work. 


The only saving grace is the advantage we have as men...if we need to, it's not always necessary for us to have a rest room nearby; it's easy for us to pretty much piss anywhere.


But, it doesn't always happen to old men. Young guys can fall victim to this, too.
Doctors prescribe some type of Alpha Blocker which reduces the swelling a bit to ease the flow of urine, enabling the bladder to empty more completely. Left untreated, BPH can cause damage to the bladder, kidneys, infections, and ultimately the inability to urinate at all.
Last year, Cialis - the other boner pill - began advertising their Daily Use Dosage to treat BPH. The problem is that insurance companies are refusing to cover the cost of the medication - regardless of its prescribed use; for boners
frequent stops for pissing
or both
This is an area of men's health that is taking a kick to the nuts. Guys need to become more vocal about health needs. Granted, we always wait until the last minute to seek medical attention, particularly when it comes to any issues "down there." But "down there" is more indicative of our overall health than anyone gives credit for. Don't ignore what your dick is telling you.
Don't delay when you have issues in pissing, problems getting a good stiff erection, or being able to cum. Anything out of the ordinary which lasts longer than a few days should be considered suspect and indicates a visit to the doctor may be in order.
This is your doctor, letting you know that he knows how important your plumbing is:
Don't fail him, or yourself.


AOM said...

Once, they turned off my electricity by mistake - I called to tell them I had the receipt in my hand proving it was paid! The "helper" told me to FAX a copy of it to her - Now how am I to do that - THERE IS NO FUCKING ELECTRICITY!!!! LOL

Thanks for your good info and advice. I am at the age when this usually begins and want to know more about it. Yes, if only our cocks would enlarge as we get older! :) Now that would be something to look forward to. LOL Thanks for all you do for us, brother. Wishing you a Passionate day of stroking and cumming. Hugs and Stokes in Spirit, bro. AOM

Xersex said...

love your pics!!!

enjoy my last post:

Your French Patrick said...

I have no problem of prostate, but perhaps is it because my dog piss frequently doubtless to compensate.

Your story is funny, but she was lucky to be able to call the center. If she had only a home landline phone it would not have worked without internet. At least, it is so in France. The vicious circle would have been completed. In French we say that it is the snake which bites itself the tail.

I wish you a wondrous day, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous.


Been through all that twice! But, yes! You must see your doctor and, if necessary, a specialist. Thanks for your visits and comments! Pleased you liked the photos of the nude brothers. Off to my doctor in a few minutes - a couple of problems and I need my Fluvax injection before winter arrives. Hugs, Patrick

Jean said...

I'm wondering why the guys peeing at the outside "facilities" (#13) had to pull their pants down, don't they have zippers??

Anonymous said...

if my doc showed me that dick each visit,i'd pay for visits myself!! and 2 would i love to see those beautiful cocks pissing;)14and 17 too! beautifil bodies and cocks ;)look healthy to me

O!Daddie now at said...

Frequent urination can also be a sign of diabetes onset, a urinary tract infection, an STD or even bladder cancer. If your practitioner doesn't order labs prior to your visit, then ASK for them !!

Been there, done that !!

SickoRicko said...

I hate it when the computer is down, for whatever reason.

Excellent, informative post!

(I prefer Cialis over Viagra.)

whkattk said...

@ Jean - You wonder, don't you? This appears to be a growing phenom among younger guys; either dropping the pants to the floor/ground or at least past the cheeks... I'm guessing to help dry out the sweat in the area. I'm guessing.

whkattk said...

@ O!Daddie - Of course, you are right...and I failed to mention those things. Thank you!

whkattk said...

@ AOM - Bro, it does happen...and our mes ami shall one day have the problem, though he so far is lucky enough to not face the issue. Medicine has no clue why this happens...You'd think they'd do a lot more research considering 99.99% of men face the problem.


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