Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Keep 'em Coming

See? I told you, you folks are the absolute best! I thank you all for the congratulatory wishes. "Keep those cards and letters coming." - Dean Martin
And, I said Faithful Readers contribute to the conversations all the time which help us all learn new things, become aware of issues affecting men, and finding resolutions to questions. In that spirit, Grandma Jean has sent another great article from the
Though the piece really focuses on puberty in girls, they're really issues that we face as males, too. I grew up, as many did, in a time when the word "penis" was never uttered. Honest! I was about 10-years old when a cousin (whom I eventually got into mutual jacking with) told me, "It's called a penis."
I told him he was full of shit. He led me to the kitchen where my aunt was readying lunch. "Mom, isn't it called a penis?" "Yes." "See, I told you!" he said, with an I'm-smarter-than-you expression.
Well, no. He wasn't smarter. He just had parents who weren't afraid to tell him about the things that dangled (and sometimes stood up, hard and strong) between his legs.

The information shouldn't be embarrassing for parents (as it evidently was for mine), or their sons / daughters. It's what nature gave us; it's how we all came into being.
Why, oh why, do we still have such trouble talking about it? Kudos to Jean for sending the article to prove there are people dedicated to spreading the word about our packages! (Keep 'em coming!) I'd love to join this woman's "Great Conversations" team.
So no young guy ever would believe he was "a bad boy"
for wanting to learn about cock, and how and why it works the way it does

or that it's wrong to enjoy the pleasures it can provide





AOM said...

OooooooH! So that's what this thing dangling between my legs is called. PENIS. So sad that we had to learn about our wonderful penises in such odd ways. I don't know that anyone ever told me it was called a penis or even acknowledged that I had one. Seems like when I was about 4 or 5 yrs old I called my weiner but my mom said to stop that! A friend of mine told me it was called a dick. I think I found the formal name in a medical dictionary we had at home - (A very thick racey book for our home in which I was constantly doing research : ) I remember my mom worried I was looking stuff up and my day said he has to learn - but they never took the initiative to make sure I had all the facts. So Sad! Thanks to you for promoting healthy attitudes toward sex and our bodies. Wishing you a great day, brother. Hugs and Strokes, AOM


Ah! Yes! Way back then! I think I learnt the correct name - penis - when I went to the college run by priests. Great images as always. Patrick

Your French Patrick said...
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Your French Patrick said...

I have never had any problem, as well as regards what I learnt with my parents and mostly (and easily) as regards what I learnt by myself, and, lol, that's to say a lot more than enough.

Other country, other customs.

It must say that I spent my first 18 years in Madagascar where the Malagasies lived in huts where the parents and the children lived in the same and only wide room. They had no more complex to make love when the children where in the hut with them than to bathe nudes in the sea, a stream or a lake.

I waited for you there, Phil and you, and I wonder if you never showed or if you came after my departure.

I wish you a wondrous day, my dear friend with a lot of hot wet bisous all over your body.

Jean said...

Hi, and thank you. Once our eyes are opened to thinking this way, it is amazing how much stuff is out there to support you. So I say, "if we see it, we should send it." To you that is.

O!Daddie now at http:odaddie.tumblr.com/ said...

Whatever I learned about sex back in the day was picked up from my 'wiser' and 'more experienced' friends. Might I say, it was a pubescent fountain of useless mis-information I am still attempting to get past these many decades later.

Xersex said...

can you imagine my parents have never given me any sexual informations? none! never!
I learnt all I needed from pornography and my friends! and I have never asked anything to my parents!!!!

Anonymous said...

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