Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Little Humor

"Can I get this with BALLS?"

Buddy Study

New meaning to the term Piss Pig

"Check out my new toy!"

Support the troops!

"Holy shit, man! Do you believe this thing?"

This should be the Universal Monument

Sweet and Salty - it's all the new rage!

Matches his "David" boxer shorts.

Okay - which one is Justin Timberlake?

I need an entire carton of these!

No, dude, you may not take it home!

Yes, again. And again. And again. And...

I need this on a T-shirt!

My brother, you could get a better grip if you took it out to play.

The latest in purse storage.

This sign should hang in all gym locker rooms

Come on, little buddy, all the way up! You can do it!

I'll take a dozen of the Nut Sacks - filled, of course!

More guys need to do this!

Maybe we should put them together and see what happens

This is just my kind of humor - I think I need one!

Tsk, tsk. No Taint indentation! Didn't we just talk about this?

I need one of these, too!

The bold truth of it!


O!Daddie now at said...

gr8.. I needed a few good laughs today!! Many thanks!!

Queer Heaven said...

I love the BROJOB! I might hang it on one of my neighbor's front door.


Very good! Thanks!

iama{GAY}tkeeper known as thegaytekeeper said...


TornJeans said...

So funny!!!

Upton King said...

Thanks for all the laughs. Made my day. And I would like a giant pillow shaped like a man's chest, so I could lay my head between his pecs. It could have a tiny heartbeat box inside and taper down to a 33" waist with a nice ripple of abs. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Thommie said...

Hah! Freaking hilarious indeed mate. I so wanna steal them pics and look at them whenever things go south ;)

whkattk said...

@ Thommie - Feel free to right click and save...

whkattk said...

Glad you all enjoyed them - happy they helped lighten the mood.

Anonymous said...

pic #8: Wish I had such dispenser at home!
Thx for this excellent selection.