Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Check it Out

Well, evidently, I missed World Health Day. But, as the old adage goes, better late than never. It's the day of the year to check everything out and make sure it's all in proper working condition.

I trust you'll do your part to check under the hood...
Check the balls

Inspect the entire shaft and head

Test the sensitivity

Check the stream

Night time wood (but DON'T wear anything to bed like this dude).

Good morning wood

Spontaneous wood

Wood when you want it

It stays hard with stimulation

Pre-cum. Well, some do, some don't

Maybe make that appointment for the annual physical - and don't be afraid to talk to your doctor if you have questions about, or there seem to be any difficulties with the functioning of your equipment.


Knoxxy said...

All good here. :)

OH!Daddie said...

I check every Monday per your instructions and every week, it's the same old dick. What's up with that????

Jack Scott said...

A guy digging in his jeans to haul out his still no quite hard cock is one of the sexiest poses a man can take to me.

I sure appreciate you sharing such a picture with us in this post.

Jack Scott


Good advice! Great photos!

Your french Patrick said...
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Your french Patrick said...

The World Health Organization will owe to you a lot, and we too, my dear friend.
I reblog no less than 3 of your pictures (with credit and link, obviously)

Queer Heaven said...

Yep! Had my Dr. Check out everything last week. All is good. Remember to have your Dr. do a prostate exam also, that is very important... and it kinda feels good!

whkattk said...

@ FP - Thank you, mon ami! Bisous!