Friday, February 21, 2014

Final Lift


I cannot express enough the thanks I give for such wonderful folks here. The encouraging comments and warm, loving emails have helped to dissipate the fog. It is now a very thin veil. Let's spend the weekend naked, enjoying and celebrating life!

Kick off those pants




When something pops up


Enjoy it





Have a great weekend!


O!Daddie now at said...

I'm an inside kinda guy- I hate the cold, the heat, bugs, humidity, the damp, etc etc - anybody up for camping out at a Hampton Inn, lemme kno!!!

Your French Patrick said...

Lol, my dear Pat: in a first time I understood that it was your final lifting. In French, we say a lifting for a face lift.

Yesterday, you said "Your virtual hugs make all the difference" and I have been curious to search the exact meaning of virtual. I found that: "The virtual does not oppose the reality but the current (what exists in the concrete), while, as for it, the reality opposes the possible".

I LOVE the photo N°2.

Have a well deserved weekend revitalizing you (and not your skin's appearance, lol), except if my many bisous can do them both.

Your French Patrick said...

Postscriptum: I love the photo N°12 too.
From now on I'll put a tag "bigwhackattack" under what I'll reblog from your blog.
Bisou, my heart.


WOW! Some very hot men and great cocks! Have a restful weekend, my friend! Hugs, Patrick

RD Sir said...

As the Aussies say,"Ya gave it ur best go, mate...y'gave it ur best go."

I'm unclear if you are ceasing all blog moderation, posts, etc and closing your blog any event, your blog is an inspiration mate...certainly got me off a number of times, often for very different reasons...

Hope life's kind...

And even if it ain't, make sure your cock remains a high priority...take it from me...then take your own cock in your fist...then SLOWER than u've ever stroked your shaft EVER before...stroke that fucker 7x up...then down...just my name...your every cell concentrating on stroking your cock...FOR me...

Xersex said...

What a pleasure to know all of us were able to help you!!!
to know your blog can not only enjoy you and all of us but also help. believe me, is absolutely great!

Enjoy my last post:

Happy SunGAY!!!

whkattk said...

@ MFP - in this instance, "virtual" means 'via the internet'. Because one cannot actually hug me from such distance, I receive it virtually through the comments and emails. Bisous!

whkattk said...

@ RD Sir - Am not hanging up the blog just yet... Had simply been in a very deep funk. But, I'm getting better by the day. I shall take my cock in hand and stroke it with you in mind!

Your French Patrick said...

Of course. It is a definition of, by and for philosophers, and the philosophy is very previous to Web.
Bisou, my heart.