Monday, February 3, 2014

You Are Not Alone


Straight and thinking of getting yourself a jack-off buddy? You are not alone - far from it! An interesting article out of the UK: Straight men have casual sex together.

"A survey showing women want less casual sex than men has prompted straight guys to look at the numbers, face facts and start dating each other.
A new rota system will see one in three dates become male-male, with men expected to quickly overcome initial doubts about their sexuality for the guarantee of a shag at the end of the night.
Heterosexual roofer Stephen Malley went on a date with chef Nathan Muir last night, and said: “I was nervous at first.
“But we bought our own drinks, had a really interesting conversation about the best way to kill a polar bear with a blunt instrument, and ended the evening with fantastic sex unsullied by even a hint of affection.
“Afterwards, instead of cuddling, we watched The Expendables 2 on Blu-ray, including the extras which had some interesting stuntman interviews.
“And the next day my phone sat in blissful silence without a single needy text or call. Not until three days later, in fact, when he texted ‘Want to come round for a curry, FIFA 13 and a shag?’
“I think I’m in love.” "

Tired of sitting at home alone, stroking off to porn, these guys have realized it's much more enjoyable getting off together.

See, guys? We want casual, no strings sex to get our nuts off. We can get it with one another and not have to worry about the 'intimacy' thing, or being nagged to take out the trash, or be reminded that tomorrow it's our turn to car pool the kids to school, band practice, or soccer.




Have a beer, bullshit, get our nut, have another beer and go home. No need for guilt.










Although I was in a relationship for many years, it was always the casual sex that seemed the best! My partner was much older than me and knew that I had sex outside our relationship.

AOM said...

Most wonderful! Yes, all guys should get passed cultural bullshit and get together to bust some nuts. AMEN! Great post, brother. There stroking you in spirit. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Your French Patrick said...

The 48th Super Bowl took place yesterday, and you have already a picture (photo N°1) featuring the most important thing which is not the score (wow, 43-8 for a first title!) but the reactions of the spectators (you, obviously, and your boyfriend, I think, who are also interrested by super balls).
Conclusion, Big Wack Attack is better than the other sports correspondents!
Very, very hot update! Congratulations!
Have a wondrous day and lots of lots of bisous (and no, as for me I am never tuckered out by bisous)

Xersex said...

We forget that human sexuality is much more multifaceted than we think. We think that there are heterosexuals who are attracted by the females for 100% and that homosexuals are attracted to 100% by men. But there are millions of shades (as many as humans?). But sometimes what was sleeping in our souls, can emerge.

Here, in a funny post of some days ago,

it can be so hard to be straight, if we think straight 100%.

Love so much cummed pics like #12, #a #b #c

O!Daddie now at said...

IMHO, NSA is great, but sex with 'a hint of affection' is even better!

TornJeans said...

My lover and I do tantric massage as a business. He is full time while I am part time. We are amazed of the straight men coming to us for a session. So we are realizing there are men out there wanting to bond, but still stay with their wives. We think this is very normal. Boys did jack together in high school so why not have that interest years later.
Gay men gotta understand this, so no judgement is made and just enjoy. I have seen some men have trouble at the baths and I used to think they were coming out. But now thinking maybe they are straight. Gay or straight, we need to speck up and day what we want and respect that.

whkattk said...

@ TJ - I love that you and your partner respect the str8 dudes who come to you for massage. These guys absolutely do love their wives - but they also love to be "serviced," which is something women typically hate to do. For some reason, women think of it as being used, rather than an opportunity to give pleasure.

whkattk said...

@ Xersex - Yes, you are correct. There are an infinite number of points on a line; there are an infinite number of gradations to sexuality. And, yes also, the sense may lie dormant for many years before it wakes.