Monday, June 30, 2014

Limited (Naked) Time

I still have out-of-town guests. Though I've managed some nude time, unfortunately, they are putting a huge cramp in it. (It's my wife who stops me - it embarrasses her for some reason that she can't explain. To keep the peace...I keep my clothes on.)




 I did manage to sneak in a little naked time poolside - when it was just the guys. (None of them felt comfortable enough to strip down and join me, though. (**sigh** I have SO much work to do.)






 Guests will be here through the end of the week. If I can find a spare moment - as I did on Friday - you shall see some posts from me this week. In the meantime - enjoy...




Rick Jeans said...

Is that you in the first pic? You are looking great!
Yeh, I can relate to your naked time and sometimes I like to have my bate time. Not easy.
Enjoy your week. Hope they leave soon!

Your French Patrick said...

N°7 Quinn Christopher Jaxon by Bacchus Stuart! I whish you to have the others of this beautiful photoshoot. Some have just been published @

I wondered if one of our common friends who has taken two weeks holydays was one of your guests. I have the answer, it is not, he would certainly have joined you.

And me during this time who awaits you in the shower with something for you that towers above the clouds! I speak about my friendship, obviously. Sometimes, life is badly made.

Have a great day, my dear Patrick, and a hot shower of bisous.


Great post! Get naked if/when you can! Hugs, Patrick

Xersex said...

#2 love balls like that
#4 he looks like speaking mentally with his dick
#5 I imagine that dick become a sword when horny
#6 he's dreaming sex for sure
#7 Quinn Jaxon
#9 an angel!
#14 he has tons of testosterone
#15 love his dick and his smile!

come for my blog's birthday

whkattk said...

@ Rick - Not me... There have been no nude photos taken of me since the last time I took a clothing optional cruise (which was heaven, btw). The wife stopped taking pictures of my naked ass many years go. LOL.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Ahhh, yes. I certainly wish it were he who is visiting - we would both be naked all the time with absolutely no shame in the state of our cocks; hard or soft we'd be enjoying them.

RockHard said...

What is it with women? I like to wear a shirt only to keep cool a/c off my back. She has a problem with that. She just said we have to go shopping to find a longer shirt. If I lived alone the a/c would be on 80 and I'd be nude all the tine. I think you and I could be great buddies.

whkattk said...

@ RockHard - Brother, I wish I knew! It's as if they don't like the sight of our packages, like they find them offensive or something, right? Buddy, we most definitely would be great buddies.