Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Magic Wands

There's always a method - or is that a message - behind my madness here. I really appreciate the many responses to my question. The majority, of course, said that they'd never popped a woody and never seen much wood on other guys in communal showers or locker rooms (unless, of course, it was a gay bathhouse). But there's a reason for that.
It's ironic (if that's the correct word) that nervous energy can ensure our cocks don't get hard in front of other people in certain situations, yet at the same time be responsible for some of the hardest, biggest boners we experience during waking hours. Nerves can both prevent a hard-on and cause one. Because there's nervous tension and there's sexual tension (that wonderful sense of nervous anticipation that courses through our bodies) - and, like Magic Wands, our cocks know the difference.

I've seen more than a few semi's, and a few full-on erections, at the local gym; not many, mind you, but a few. One guy stood on a bench in front of the sink mirrors and struck poses to admire his rock-solid, straining hard-on in front of a locker room full of men. He was so proud of his cock that it made me smile in appreciation. But, what really struck me was that nobody went rushing out of the room to complain, nobody scowled, nobody threatened him. And this wasn't a gay spa - this was a standard, neighborhood gym.
I've sprouted my share of semi-hard-on's in communal showers. In school, of course, we were all ashamed of them if they popped up. In the military, we pretty much didn't care. I saw more boners in the military than you could count. Morning wood bouncing and bobbing on the way to the latrine. Semi-wood sprouting as guys showered. And, of course, the room would be filled with them during the circle-jerks we had. And, sometimes, on a Friday or Saturday night one or two guys would be on the couch in the Dayroom watching TV and leisurely jacking off. Once in a while you'd find a guy stroking in the showers. Being horny and sporting a stiff dick was understood as normal.



But, the moral of the post is: Stop worrying about your cock. There are different types and reasons for all the boners we get. Your cock knows what it's doing. If other folks don't understand the physiology of what's behind our zippers perhaps it's time they learned.


Enjoy your Magic Wand and have a boner-ific weekend!


Your French Patrick said...

"But there's a reason for that."
Yes, of course, and often also another reason. Many of us were or considered themselves heterosexual when they used communal showers. And as regards myself, it is very simple, I have never put one foot in common showers.

But I am wary of my conclusions. It happens that I am wrong or that I do not understand.
For instance, on Friday, June 20, 2014 I read "I'll have house guests." and on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 I read "in communal showers".
Erratum? Change of program? I am perplexed.

What I am sure on the contrary, it is that I wish you an excellent day and send you an armada, a huge fleet of fond bisous.

Queer Heaven said...

Yep! I say my share of boners in the showers when I was in the Army. And guys jerking in the barracks.

Justin said...

Wonderful post, unpredictable are our wands for sure.


Great selection of images as always! Trust all goes well with you, Patrick

Xersex said...

have experienced so little in communal showers, so I can say almost nothing. But be sure I'm proud who I'm and who my dick is!

Happy saturGAY with my post:

Anonymous said...

i get hard when im in a stall dumping when someone comes in to dump-i check his stall if he leaves before me ;)

O!Daddie now at said...

I'm kinda late to the party - hope everyone have a good time ??

whkattk said...

@ MFP - I still have houseguests from out of town. I just managed to find some spare moments to do a post. But, mon ami - mon cher - I would hope you'd share a shower with me, would you not?

whkattk said...

@ QH - it's funny, most of my friends don't believe me when I tell them how many hard-ons I witnessed or how many guys openly jacked off. Ah, well, they never spent a single day in the military so they'll have to take my word for it.