Monday, June 9, 2014

Proper Piston Operation

When you go in to see your doctor, does he (or she) check under the hood? Is a discussion about whether your piston is properly operating even ever broached?
The ability to get boners - and not semi-hard
but good, rock hard, solid ones
is such an important indicator of a man's overall health. If the doctor never asks, you should inquire as to why. Doctors should know that the majority of men are too embarrassed to broach the subject unless there is serious, serious, issue. Yet, they do themselves a humongous disservice by being so timid about their tools. When the doctor asks, drop the drawers.
And don't hide it behind a hand.
Let it all hang out for a proper inspection.
If you are intact (still have a foreskin), he should ask if it can skin back properly with ease. And he should inspect the head.
Your balls should get a serious once-over.
The flow of your piss should be asked about; a weak or strong stream when you take a whizz.
The strength of flow is an indicator of prostate health. Were you aware that good whizz flow can indicate good cum power?
Remember, this is Men's Health Month. Get that check-up. And make sure everything behind the zipper gets properly checked.
Or at least talked about.


Queer Heaven said...

I am rather lucky in that I have a wonderful Doctor. He always checks everything and I make sure to let him know exactly what is going on.
My Urologist also gets down to business, even making sure that Da Dick gets hard on que.
...It sure helps that both of them are total hotties!

Justin said...

My doctor is shy

Your French Patrick said...

I believed that the D-day for this check-up was the fifteen of the month?
The last time when I saw my doctor, he kept me waiting three hours after our appointment before he has only copied his previous prescription.
So, less I see him, better I go.
Fortunately, I managed to convince him to make me a prescription for whole year.
Your bisous are worth all the medicines, and I wish you an excellent day by sending you thirty six times a baker's dozen of my bisous.


Great advice as always, nice pictures too! Thanks for your comments. I've changed the header on my other blog - two dancers - just for you - one black - one white. Hugs across the miles, Patrick

O!Daddie now at said...

Haven't had the necessity so far (TG for so many reasons) to discuss anything having to do with my nethers with my dear 'elderly' lady of a PCP. She does have a very hot young male assistant who I might let check me over ☺☺☺

Rick Jeans said...

Check under the hood! You are too funny!
Otherwise, great post as we all need to be mindful of our health!

Xersex said...

thanks, but I don't need any visit under the hood. My dick & balls are perfect! but my doctor knows I'm gay and gives me a suggestion I can't follow: sucking dicks with condom!

enjoy my last post:

John said...

We just had a laugh about this the other day. I need to see my doctor about a skin condition that keeps appearing down there. I laughed because it seems that every time I see my doctor I'm showing him something related to my nether regions. I'm sure he's tired of seeing it. :) He's never asked about it's performance though and he's a very open guy.

Anonymous said...

Doc asks general questions about whether sex life is ok, but nothing detailed. Guess he's shy. Maybe he's embarrassed about guys popping boners in the office. :)