Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Nature of Our Beast

There we are, going along, living life and then one day we wake up with a huge boner and a loud, insistent voice suddenly nagging at the back of our mind: "Hey, buddy! Here I am! And I'm going to control your thought patterns 99.9% of the time for at least the next 8 to 10 years. Touch me, play with me."


And our lives are never the same. The hard-on seems perpetual. No matter what we do, no matter what we try to force our brains to think about, within mere seconds it's focused on the log of wood that twitches and throbs, itching for yet another release, demanding our attention.

And while it may settle down a bit once we're a little older and the concerns of living become our focus, our cocks are still down there looking for attention, rising up at inopportune moments: in the middle of a staff meeting, walking through a store, showering at the gym, driving down the street. And so it is for the rest of our lives (if we're lucky).




It's perfectly normal, perfectly natural. It's the nature of the beast in our pants.






Your French Patrick said...

Hi, my dear Pat,

I see that you are polyglot and that you are fluent in the American cock's language.
Things always seem to go in threes, so now you must learn French. A single word, bisou, it is a good beginning but it is not sufficient!
On the other hand, if you are fluent in the French cock's language, no problem, consider that I said nothing but it will be necessary to demonstrate it.

More seriously, what is easier than to be less serious (lol), I shall not credit any more the blogs on which I found a photo. I have had a problem of copyright infringement and I regretted to have indicated my source, what has aimed to be a tribute and an advertising becoming a denunciation in spite of me.

Fortunately, no risk about the copyrights by wishing you an excellent day because I am the author of these wishes as that of all the numerous bisous that I send you.

À demain.

Justin said...

Gotta love the beast

a{GAY}tekeeper{iam} said...

the shall NEVER be tamed


Great selection as always! Hugs, Patrick

Thanks for your visits and comments.

Stan said...

I'm still going strong at 63 y/o.

Xersex said...

sometimes I ask to myself: is it possible you live for sex? and my answer is: sure! and I'm not going to tame my beast!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

OH yeah, the Big Bad Boy Boner, he does misbehave at the strangest times and places. Most times he gets his way, and I tug and I tug, and he then spits out a gooey white wad of cum, now I can rest for a few ah, MINUTES..

whkattk said...

@ MFP - It is unfortunate that someone mistook your efforts. I never would do that - for I know they are always placed in the proper spirit. I must learn more French, for sure; I know so few words. Perhaps you will teach me between bisous - - -

whkattk said...

@ Scott - Bro, it is really good to have you comment so I know you're around and doing okay... Yep, those gushers calm the beast for a short time only!