Monday, January 5, 2015

A Little Fun

The hand continues to get better. Perhaps tomorrow I may be back to harassing you all about properly caring for your packages. Til then, perhaps it is time for a little bit of humor.

I'd be very happy to ask for that type of assistance

Those BOE's pop up anytime, anywhere

Great new bookmark. Though any leaking could make turning pages difficult

His next one will be drawing himself a really big dick

Ready and rarin' to get it on

Come on, you can do better than that, bro

Your hand, your mouth, here

Don't burn the cock!

"Chapter 3 - Wrap your hand around the shaft..."

Huh. Wonder why I don't have a boner...


New kneading technique

It's not required, but it's certainly more relaxing!
And that, Ladies, is when we'll do anything to get our rocks off


AOM said...

Hey Brother, Of course you are invited to Camp Weber with Patrick and me. We'd love for you to cum! ;) Ahhh Love the humor post. These were great and made me laugh all the way down the page. I want to go shopping where the staff will touch you! And I love the cumberbund on that dude in the suit! LOL Wishing you a beautiful day, bro. Get that hand healed up and back in action. Hugs and Strokes, AOM


Great fun today! Trust your weekend was restful and that your hand is soon better. Thanks for your visits and comments. Hugs, Patrick

O!Daddie now at said...

Horny meter- Ladies ?? #X for gents, maybe more !!

Your French Patrick said...

What is better than the humor to put us in a good mood.
One enough good mood so that I condescend to admit you to the Camp Weber if you are valid, but in the meantime I hope that that will be no more a problem for a long time.
Anyway I have no choice, AOM coerced me into this acceptation and I cannot contradict him.
The shower cabins are narrow areas but we shall squeeze us or we shall make rotations in pairs.
For the moment the good news is that your hand is under the way of its resurrection, and that makes me very happy.
Wishing you a LOVE-ly day and renewing my wish for a most blessed and happy 2015, my dear friend, with my best bisous of which one on your poor martyred hand.

Jean said...

Sooo funny, and such male humor. Horny meter for ladies? We're just along for the ride, which has its own benefits! You all chase us until we catch you!

Xersex said...

Thanks for your comment here:

"Huh. Wonder why I don't have a boner..."

he's Cristiano Ronaldo!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Isn't that the truth! You flirt and tease, we get a boner, and the chase is on! LOL.

Anonymous said...

hello from japan!

the extra staff service note is from a store cocks are us.

funny captions. always thought and still think that cristiano ronaldo is at least bi. if ever he comes out, he'll be a great addition to the tribe.