Thursday, January 15, 2015

(More on) Painful Boners

More on painful boners... Our blogger buddy Xersex pointed out in a comment the other day that he'd experienced one so hard he could've "cut diamonds." But there was a downside: he couldn't really feel it; as if it had sort-of gone numb.
Prior to attending a group meeting, though he's young and quite virile, he took Viagra. That is the downside of taking boner pills when you don't actually need them.
The other downside is that, for any guy who can easily get his cock hard, it can be quite dangerous. Worst case scenarios: It can dangerously alter the blood pressure, or cause a heart attack; both of which could cause death. Then there is the damage that can be done to your dick.
Just as keeping the wrong type of cock ring in place for too long,
Viagra causes the blood to stay in the cavernosum, the trapped blood can turn to sludge. Doctors shove a syringe in to drain the blood.
The lack of blood-oxygen kills the tissue. The result of that could be forever losing the ability to get a boner (even with a cock ring).
You'd still have the ability to piss.
But, that's the best outcome. The worst outcome requires surgery to remove the dead tissue - which means losing a hunk of your cock. (I'll save you the sight of those gruesome pictures.) If you love your cock and want to be able to enjoy it for the rest of your life





Don't mess with things that can damage your dicks!!!


RockHard said...

Have you seen the series, Embarrassing Bodies, (on Youtube) from the UK? I saw surgery for peyronies. OUCH! Dr. Christian had men measure to compare flaccid with erect. What a show. You can also learn all you ever wanted to know about vaginas. Looking at some of what they show is not for the faint of heart. You're doing a great job.

Your French Patrick said...
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Your French Patrick said...

I remember the comment of Xersex and I almost answered him the same thing.
We should not play with the dynamite.
And if he (or anybody else who don't need Viagra) wants to suck something else than a cock, it is better that he contents himself with candies.
Only one exception: when Viagra is the first name of a man but it is very rare.

Bidding a wondrous day to you two, with a lot of bisous.

Fluffy33 said...

I've never understood why men would take viagra if they didn't need it. I don't even like taking pills for headaches!

And by the way, I've done my 15th of the month ball check and as far as I can tell, everythings fine.

How's yours?

Anonymous said...

If you don't need it! DON'T TAKE IT!!!! Great advice to everyone. Viagra can help when age or surgery makes it difficult to get an erection. Another great post, my friend, hot images and very good advice. Hugs. Patrick

Xersex said...

I wanted to take it just for curiosity! and that was the result! I couldn't feel my dick!!! and what effort to get my orgasm!!!

Obviously I have never taken it again! A useful lesson for me!!!

thanks all! take a look to Italian pasta

Fullmoonma said...

1. Viagra is dangerous when you are doing poppers or nitrite medications - not in ordinary use. It deactivates the enzyme that turns off erections - an enzyme this over does the job as you age. Erections aren't for young guys!

2. Cialis is an equally effective way to do the same job, but it doesn't seem to cause the cock numbing super erections that too much viagra can cause.

3. And I agree, don't use medications that you don't need!

whkattk said...

@ Fluffy - Mine are good, too. I'm really happy SOMEONE remembered! And, I shall chastise everyone else for not chastising me!!

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