Friday, January 16, 2015

Did You Do It?

Well, now. I was so busy being concerned about painful boners, and warning guys about the perils of boner pills, the date completely snuck by me. And Faithful Reader, Fluffy, was the only one to make a gentle reminder in a comment that I'd missed Buddy Ball Check Day.
So, I chastise you all for not chastising me for missing our standing date.
With that said...

 Before you concern yourself with the games...




 check the most important balls you'll ever play with




Whether you choose to do a TSE
Or get someone else
Get that ball check done!


Your French Patrick said...

I am another SOMEONE (as you said)!!!

As your faithful reader Fluffy I remembered that yesterday was the 15th of the month, the sacrosanct day, the unbreakable day of the balls' checking even when it happens on a Saturday or a Sunday, even if you were not free and compelled to publish a scheduled update!!!

It is by Christian charity, (even though that I am quite atheistic), by pure friendship, so as not to make you feel properly guilty and ashamed of this characterized breach of your obligations of which you are the solely responsible!!!

All this even though I cruelly suffered from this lack and was clenching my teeth not to shout my despair!!!

And yet, you dared to say with some unmitigated gall that I deserved to be rebuked and chastised???

What a marvellous gesture of thanks for my proof of friendship!!!

Shame on you! I require apologies, otherwise we would be in the obligation to fight in duel!!!

LOL, in the meanwhile it does not prevent me from wishing you a wondrous weekend with a lot of bisous.

Your French Patrick said...

Do not worry my friend, I was joking.
There is no reason to be traumatized.
Usually it is so simple as ABCD.
Today it is so simple as ABCDE.

ABCD = A Balls Checking Day.

ABCDE = A Balls Checking Day Exceptional.


Jean said...

I'm exempt...Jean

Anonymous said...

AH! My Friend! I had a post all ready for this, but then GOOGLE shut me down. So keep the men informed. Hugs, Patrick

O!Daddie now at said...

Im good for another month - would welcome a second opinion !! ☺☺☺

Xersex said...

mon ami Patrick has so much imagination!!!

my last post:

whkattk said...

@ MFP - I deserved that chastisement, mon ami - every bit of it! I failed you....I apologize profusely and hope you can forgive me.

(Of course, I knew you were pulling my leg; you, my dear, are much too kind to chastise me too harshly. Besides, did you not send me a dancer to prove your love?)

whkattk said...

@ Jean - you yourself are exempt - yet, I hope you have encouraged the son and grandsons to make an appointment with themselves!


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