Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bent Wood Repair

A reader recently responded to the Bent Wood post:

I recently had this happen to me! I'm not sure where or when but all of a sudden I had a bent dick. It really wasn't a big deal except sex was becoming more and more painful. I finally went to the doctor and ended up having a corrective surgery.

Knowing what I know now, I would have suffered with the pain.

I had a BEAUTIFUL 8.5-inch piece of carved marble! LOL The number one reaction of guys getting in my pants, "Oh, wow!" And that's what a guy wants to hear!

Now after surgery, I have stitches running through my penis at different angles to pull it back the other direction. It also cut me down to about 5 inches if even that! I've been too depressed to take an accurate measurement.

I miss my big beautiful piece of meat. Hell, I haven't even figured out an effective way to jack off yet because it is such a change in size and shape!

Guys, if you are considering surgery, think about it seriously.

I am at the point that I have considered cutting the knots out from under my shin and letting the stitches work themselves out over time.

God I miss my dick!!

First, yes, a bent dick will often surprise men. Many men crack their cocks at night. That nocturnal boner gets trapped in clothing, the guy rolls over, “crack” goes the shaft and they don’t realize it until, one day, their hard-on resembles a right angle. This is why urologists try to deter men from wearing anything below the waist when a guy is sleeping – to allow freedom of those raging, rock hard erections.

This is a HUGE no-no!

THIS is the proper way to sleep - even if it's an afternoon nap!

It saddens me to hear the outcome of this man’s story! Our dicks are extremely important to us guys, there’s no doubt about it. Questions, questions, questions! Always ask your doctor and surgeon the pertinent questions.

I have never heard of a repair to Peyronie’s that caused a shortening of a cock. It never, never, never should have happened – at least not to that degree! When my brother lost 3 inches from his beautiful 10-incher with his prostate removal, afterward the surgeon’s nurse told him they don’t tell men about that particular side effect because they know from experience the majority of men would forego the surgery. But we have a right to know! We should be the one to make the decision if there is a chance we’ll lose anything; the ability to get a hard-on, lose in length or girth.

The proper treatment for Peyronie’s Disease should have been the careful, scraping removal of the scar tissue from the Tunica (which is what is pulling on the shaft, causing the bend) and then a careful stitching up of the incision. There should be no mark left but, perhaps, a thin, faded line.

It may be too late for this reader, but, guys, if you are facing any type of surgery always ask how much experience the surgeon has with the particular procedure. Especially if the knife is going anywhere near your dick! You have the right to know if his skills are up to the task. And, ask for prior patients you might talk to – to get better informed on possible outcomes, side effects, etc. If a doctor balks at answering your questions, find one who will.

We only get one cock to use and enjoy for a lifetime. Don’t take any chances with yours!

Dear Reader, allow your cock to heal and those stitches to dissolve naturally; don’t add further injury to the insult this surgeon has left. I know what those lost inches meant to you. All guys do; we feel your loss, because size does matter to us. But, once your dick is functioning, I hope you’ll venture forth. Take the inches you have left and love them! Take solace in the fact that the majority of sensation and enjoyment is in the head and just below it. Get your dick standing up hard and proud, wrap some fingers around it and stroke it with love and care. Experiment with different grips and strokes. And if I can help in any way, feel free to email me. It’s what I’m all about: Helping men to enjoy their cocks.


becca said...

poor guy i feel bad for him not knowing the risk going into the procedure and it's true you should always ask lots of questions before going under the knife for any reason

CoreyJo said...

OMG!! I can't believe it. That doctor should have half his cock removed and then asked how he likes it!

My heart goes out to this man. The only thing I can think to say to him, other than sorry, is While it may not be the 8.5 inches he was born with there is nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING wrong with a 5 inch cock. Not all men have been blessed the way you were and have had to live with it all their lives. I know you miss it, but with loving care from you, your cock will be just as glorious as the next guys. Keep your head up and be proud of what you have. I'm sorry for the great injustice that has been done to you. One way of making sure it doesn't happen to other men is for you to tell your story, as you did here, and letting others know of the risks of surgery. Helping others to make a better, more informed decision than they previous might have.



Thanks for sharing this. I really feel sorry for the guy. I'm not blessed with 8.5 inches, but still have had a lot of fun(!) over the years.

Anonymous said...

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