Monday, January 30, 2012


Friday’s post about steroids and testosterone generated quite a bit of interest. One reader chastised me for spreading misinformation about Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Hi there!

You have made some uneducated statements regarding Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), and join the club.  There is so much mis-information out there, it really is amazing to listen to all the nonsense. 

There was more, but those first two sentences are what I need to address.

I believe this reader misunderstood the post. The man in question was not only using (illegal) steroids, he’s allowed a fellow Iron Pumper in the gym he attends to convince him to undergo weekly injections of testosterone (T) outside of a controlled medical situation. And I stand by my statement(s) that this will eventually do him harm. Testosterone is a controlled substance for a reason, and we all know how easily [those] substances can be illegally gotten and abused. And what makes that worse is that illegally gotten drugs may not be as pure as one might be lead to believe.

TRT is not a bad thing. In fact, for some of us, it is necessary and I honestly thought I made that clear. I use a Bio-Identical cream myself. But, it is by prescription and under a doctor’s care. My T levels were extremely low, and I do mean extremely. I had no energy in the morning and by 10 o’clock my ass was dragging on the ground; in addition to the Muscular Dystrophy wreaking havoc I was steadily becoming weaker; my erections…well, what erections? I hadn’t had a decent boner in more than two years. I could manage to stroke a load out, but my cock wasn’t even close to raging hard – it was more like a half-cooked noodle. Morning wood? Fugeddaboutit!

The T replacement has certainly aided me in a positive way. I have increased energy levels, my muscular strength has (somewhat) returned, and I can get a decent hard-on again. And the morning wood is back and feels amazing again!

So, guys, just in case I wasn’t clearly transparent on the subject, let me clarify this… Using testosterone (hormone replacement) therapies, when necessary, at normal doses, by prescription, and under the care of a qualified medical professional will not harm you.

I hope [that] reader understands that, here at Big Whack Attack, I am all about getting the package in good working condition, keeping it healthy and hard, and enjoying it well into old age.



I'm sure that you have made your position clear. Another very nice selection of images. Great to see a mature, older man with his stomach covered in cum! AAAAH!

becca said...

i think you did a wonderful job getting th einformation out there and doing it correctly. I agree steriods in doses watched by docotrs are good I used them for year after MS put me in a coma and even now dr will give me some occassionally to take swellin gout of my kidneys when they start to shut down but they should never been used without supervision or to long extents.ok off my soap box.

Pictures today are gorgeous a always makes a girl smile.


CoreyJo said...

As always, thank you for helping to educate us (men & women) on the proper care of/for the male body. Sad to say on my part, but before you I wasn't exactly in the know how when it came to the male anatomy. It's sad because I'd been married for 11 years before I met you. Thanks to you (and others)this last year has been even more enjoyable. Knowledge is the key to happiness.

Love ya


Just received news yesterday that a good friend has been diagnosed with testicular cancer! He faces surgery and chemo! If only he had done as you advise!

Westernstock said...

A very interesting discussion and a great series of pics!

Jerry said...

I echo LordPatrick giving you praise for including a photo of an older mature man. It's nice to see us included too in your discussions and images. Thanks.