Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Oooo... SOPA and PIPA are very bad things. In honor of the 24-hour blackout by Wikipeadia and Google (where the Home Page is using a black strip) I hereby give you photos done in grey shades (or, otherwise known as B&W's). There is nothing black and white about either one of these pending bills. The intent is to censor what we all post (every one of us has a disclaimer [of some sort] posted about the potentially copyrighted material found in our blogs); the intent to censor is masked in shades of grey that even constitutional lawyers are finding convoluted. The decisoin of guilt is arbitrary; the fines are hefty.

So, enjoy today's post. And then, if you haven't already done so, go sign the petition against these pieces of pending legislation.


CoreyJo said...

Oh my dear sweet Jesus!! If hadn't already loved you I would have just for this post alone!!

Where can I sign the petitions? I'm too lazy today to search!


p.s. I know who #2 is :) and where to find him!!! LOL


Another great post. Love B/W photos! First I've heard about this legislation!

poster said...

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whkattk said...

@ CoreyJo - Then I demand - yes, DEMAND - you send him forthwith. It appears he needs some emergency treatment. ;-)

becca said...

Oh My this is a very nice place to hang out today think i'll make myself comfy and sit back and enjoy.

whkattk said...

@ becca - I love it when people just hang out and enjoy!