Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Fun

No pundit post today. Just ran out of time. So, here's a few fun things to lighten up your weekend.

Awww. He likes me, he really likes me!

The latest in Vibrators

Hoo, boy! Which toy should I play with from the storage unit today?

A good use for that exercise equipment that's been gathering dust.

Yeah - what they said.

Double the pleasure and double the fun!

Have a nice weekend - - just hanging out and chillin'.


harry said...

Re: the latest in vibrators. I used to do that all the time! I discovered the pleasure by accident while doing my laundry in the nude. The basement in this pick even looks like mine. I may have to rediscover old pleasures and do some laundry tonight!


Great post again! Trust you have a great weekend!

Eddie said...

The "she doesn't know" photo is a crackup!

Queer Heaven said...

The end of the day at work here, and you gave me quite a giggle with this post!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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