Friday, August 3, 2012

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The number one argument in co-habitating relationships is money. The second is sex. But the parameters are changing. It would appear that, more and more, men are the ones avoiding sex. Being a man who is willing to plead guilty of this - - I hestitate to call it a crime because it's not - - let's call it a ploy, I feel I can address it with some amount of express knowledge. So, Ladies! Pay attention here.

It's not just hetero couples experiencing this phenomenon, either. Gay relationships experience and face many of the same difficulties. Case in point: Friends of ours were over for an impromptu BBQ and drinks by the pool. Let's call them Dan and Carl. They've been a couple for close to a dozen years. Yes, the lust fades for all of us, but there's more to it than that. It goes deeper than that. Talk moved to sex and Carl complained that they rarely have sex anymore. Dan replied it's because he's just plain tired after a 12-hour shift at work. There's a solution for that!

Think about it... Men are the truly active ones during sex. (Gays, the Top is the performer in this scenario.) They're the ones doing most - if not all - of the work, putting in the frictional, thrusting effort. When you're beat from a hard day at work, even if your cock is interested in a hard night of work, your body and mind are not.

This can easily be resolved. A man's cock will respond to stimulation 99.9% of the time - he'll get rock hard. It's a proven fact and it is why men (contrary to popular belief) can be raped. So, let's set the scene: Your guy comes home and he's dog tired, his ass is dragging and you are horny enough to attack the arm of the livingroom chair to scratch that itch. Do not push the issue - you'll get yours; honest you will.

Lead your guy to that comfy chair, hand him his favorite drink, place a few small appetizers on the table next to him, tell him to relax, to take a little cat nap. Give him 30 minutes. During that 30 minutes, you prep: Draw back the covers on the bed, put massage oil, lube, and cum towel in place, and strip down to your skivvies. Fill the tub with warm water - or time the water in the shower - then gently pull him up out of the chair and lead him to the water where you will undress and wash him - all he needs to do is stand there. Towel him dry. Lead him to the bed and have him lie down on his stomach.

Using the massage oil you've heated in hot water (or zapped to a nice warm temp in the microwave) you'll give him a slow soothing massage. Turn him over and do the front - no cheating, save his cock and balls for last. Then begin a nice sensual combination hand job / blow job. Using one hand. Because your other hand will be used to play with yourself, stroking, jacking, teasing. This is how it was in the begining of the relationship - when you cared more about pleasing your partner than getting yourself off.

Gay guys and Ladies both, frot will be a wonderful sensation for you both - so long as you are doing the work of thrusting. If it's penetration you're after - - well, here's the perfect solution: Save a horse, ride a cowboy!

He'll enjoy the experience and you get the sex he was too exhausted to provide. In all my relationships I've only had this done for me twice and both times it was incredible; unbelievable geysers of jizz shot through me into the air and rained down, covering my torso and the hand that was still wrapped around my exploding cock.

Turn-about is fair play, and I've performed the service quite a few times. I allowed her to just lie there while I took full control and responsibility for her pleasure as well as my own - and huge gobs of cum rocketed out of my cock as I furiously stroked it while I knelt over her. Satisfaction guaranteed.



At my age I still need to have sex at least once a week! That's usually masturbation these days!

Queer Heaven said...

Good post! Good advice.

becca said...

great post and even better advice thank you

Anonymous said...

Lots of really important topics you covered in the post, and all of them very relevant to current times I think.

First, I think there is an increasing awareness among both men and women that many or most have some attraction to the same sex. And I think alot of people are beginning to realize that's ok for both themselves and for others. Polls keep showing that the general public is more and more supportive of same sex marriage. But even if it's not marriage, I think more people are "getting in touch with their gay side" to coin an old phrase. And I think that's a very good thing, because it's completely natural to do so and suppressing it creates a great deal of depression and other mental illness.

I think there is also an increasing awareness that monogamy is not necessarily the ideal state of being. In other words, I think more people are trying open relationships.

The religious fanatics will say I'm going straight to hell for thinking these things. I don't think so. God made us the way we are. God understands what we feel. Why can't we just get a little more comfortable with the way we really feel?

Foreman said...

Good post! Good advice.