Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In Pursuit of Boners Part III


Faithful Reader from Rhode Island has sent another update on his journey to achieve a good hard-on. Having lost his prostate to surgery 20 years ago, I'd have to say the progress is damn amazing.

--------------Part 3------------

Not There Yet
When I started on November 12th, I injected 25 units of the drug ALPROSTADIL. This produced a slight erection that lasted 10-15 minutes.  After waiting 2 days, I increased the dosage to 35 units. The erection this time was better, but still not truly hard and lasted only 20 minutes before becoming soft once again. Last night I tried again, this time increasing the injection to 45 units. The erection lasted about 20 minutes, but still not hard, though sufficient for penetration. I have yet to put it to use.

Tomorrow I'll try 55 units of the drug. After that I have to call the doctor's office. I was told that if the drug ALPROSTADIL  does not work, there are others that can be tried. Perhaps I'm asking for too much, a genuine HARD erection. But will keep at it and see what happens.

------------To Be Continued------------

I find it especially encouraging that he's indicated there are still others that may work better. Keep working at it, buddy. It'll happen. 
















O!Daddie now at said...

#5 gets me nice and hard!!

I wish your faithful reader best of luck- had the same experience getting to the right insulin dose.

Your French Patrick said...

@ O!Daddie

#5 is Chris Tyler from Raging Stallion Studios.
You can see photographs of him with Trenton Bugati and a trailer @

Friendly yours.

Your French Patrick said...

My dear Pat,

I am happy that it pleases you but it's only fair that I accompany the photos found on your blog that I publish on one of the three pages of my daily updates of a link towards this one.

LOL, and above all by designating the guilty, I mitigate my responsibility. By this way I may be only charged with complicity, which is less serious.

Have a wondrous day, my dear friend, and many tenderly affectionate bisous to make me forgive this bad joke.


I really feel for that guy! Magnificent selection of cocks today!

becca said...

sending good wishes things work out

whkattk said...

@ becca - Thank you so much. I've been forwarding your good wishes to him and he really does appreciate them - especially coming from a woman reader. It appears things may continue to improve for him!

whkattk said...

@ MFP - You may mitigate to less serious infraction, but the consequences may be less also... and I wouldn't want to disappoint you with fewer bisous than deserved! ;-)

Your French Patrick said...

I hoped to have avert the danger of your underlying threat (fewer bisous) by beginning my sentence by LOL.
MORE bisous to you, my dear Pat.