Thursday, November 14, 2013

(Not So) Desperate to Cum


"Oh, fuck! No! Not yet!"

Those are probably some very familiar words for guys. They are to me. At least in thought, if not out loud. Particularly the very first time I thrust my cock deep into my girlfriend's pussy. My balls yanked up and my cock let loose. But, of course, that was just a case of extreme over-arousal - very, very common for young men.

My first blow job was different - it lasted a really long time. The woman who sucked me off in the back seat of my car at a drive-in movie theater said afterwards, "Holy shit! I didn't think you were ever going to cum. And then when you did, it was like you weren't ever going to stop!" All I could respond with was, "Jesus Christ, that felt good!" And we both laughed.

Over time, no matter what the sexual activity or position, we learn to pace ourselves - to either prolong or shorten the point-of-no-return response. We can verbally tell a partner to slow down, we can pull out to let the cock cool down a bit. We can say, "Not yet, I don't want to cum yet." Or we can start ramming our rods hard and fast toward the rocket launch.


But, converse of the post Desperate to Cum, there is a way to keep thrusting, or stroking, or getting sucked, and not shoot until we're ready. Instead of thrusting only the hips, use your entire torso making sure you do not engage the cheek muscles of your ass. Because squeezing those, squeezes the prostate, which is (as we've come to learn) the Male G-Spot. Stimulation of it will assist in sending a geyser of jizz skyrocketing.


A really good way to learn this - as learning a lot about what you like done to and with mini-me and the boys - is by jacking off. Just like practicing to blow that load, you can practice the same way to hold it off. (Fathers would do their sons a great service by teaching them these things!) Stroke the shaft of your cock - without engaging the head and without any hip movement.

Kneel on the bed or floor and stroke - just be careful with that hip/pelvic action.

Stand at a counter, or stool, and thrust your boner through your fist. 


Go ahead - make a game out of it; see how long you can do this without cumming. Practice is fun!


becca said...

well practice does make perfect right and it's fun

Your French Patrick said...

Very hot pics today!
I was afraid when I saw some smoke rising from my screen!
Have a wondrous day, my dear friend, and a best-off of my bisous.

Anonymous said...

Your advice is priceless. I am an avid follower of this method of pleasure.



Don't worry much these days! But great photos as usual!

Anonymous said...

my wife is pretty good-once i get in her warm ,wet pussy,thats it! and she never complains!

Justin said...

Good advice and hot pics

whkattk said...

@ becca - Practice, practice, practice! Good to see you here!!

Your French Patrick said...

I remind a record producer whose mark was "Music While You Work".
Alas, I have never found records the mark of which was "Music While You Fuck".
Have a wondrous weekend, my dear friend.