Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jake - A Weekend Treat

Lots of guys just love to show off the goods by taking selfies in the mirror. It's pretty commonplace these days.

Others take a bit more of a professional approach. In addition to being a Faithful Reader, Jake is one of those guys. He's sent me a batch of his photos to post here. I asked if he wanted his own Page, like Big Stiffy, SD Wrangler, or Trask - but he said just posting would be great. I think you'll agree he's a good-looking guy - hot might be a good term - and hung! I thought his photos would make for a nice weekend treat, so, here he is:










I know I enjoyed it. Thanks, Jake! And, any time you want to send more...


Queer Heaven said...

wow! I thought my readers were good at sending me photos,,, but shit,he has out done himself

Your French Patrick said...

As for me, as written at the bottom of my sidebar, I never publish selfies. But it's because I received too many requests while only a tiny percentage would have deserved to be published. And it is difficult to accept for some and to refuse for others without hurting anybody.

But obviously, Jake's selfies are included in this tiny percentage.

Have a great end of weekend, my dear Pat, and I warn you that I hijacked a plane to deliver to you a new cargo of bisous.

TornJeans said...

I do not care for smoothies, but he is very hot!


WOW! Great photos! Hot man! Wonderful cock! FANTASTIC!!!!! Many thanks to him and to you, Patrick

becca said...

wow he is not only Hot but the photos are very well done thank you Jake for sharing

Xersex said...

I've just become your 512 follower and I've just put your blog among my

"Blog amici - blogs friends - blogs amis"

May I ask you to become you too my 61 member and to put my among your "More Blogs"?

Thanksd and Happy Sunday!

my last posts:

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Anonymous said...

Jake, you have one of the prettiest, biggest cocks. Love it. (We are all envious.)


Anonymous said...

Well, that is, some of us are.


Anonymous said...

wow! great cock! the world should see that beauty! i know i'd like to see it service it and TRY to sit on it ;)

whkattk said...

@ Xersex - I am happy to do a blog share with you! Consider it done!

whkattk said...

I'm pleased you all enjoyed his contribution!!! As I'm sure he is happy to see as well.