Thursday, December 5, 2013

Just for Fun

Well, today... I got nothin'... But, it feels like it might be time for a little humor.

I seem to remember to do this every day.

It's nice to know there's no religious discrimination in rimming!

I have this sentiment sometimes.

Damn! If he dropped trou, how would you find his cock?

Plenty of room for the both of us...

Now, honey, there's no need to get upset - just come enjoy my boner.

I suggest you be very careful wearing this cock ring!

True bro-ship... Or, how the buddy jacking starts.

It does feel like this at times, doesn't it?

Is there a buffet line??

The perfect teaching moment.

Of course I do. I'm a man.

Or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...

Woody greets the day - every day.

The envy of every guy in the company.

Shit! Can't...quite...get... my mouth to it...
The new Kickstand for tablets.

Works until the screen gets blurry from pre-cum.

A whole new meaning to "beat your meat."


becca said...

wonderful post



Your French Patrick said...

I like the "It does feel like this at times, doesn't it?" and I'll reblog it but I have had to resize it from 200 to 500 pixels wide.
I wonder why you said "A whole new meaning to "beat your meat." instead of "A whole new meaning to "beat your table" (lol).
Have a wondrous day, my very dear friend, and lot of bisous on your ticklishest places to make you laugh you too.

AOM said...

LOL Awesome!!! I love the first one and especially love the guy's tablet holder! LOL Thanks for the good cheer, brother. Wishing you a very hard and naked weekend, bud. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Justin said...