Monday, December 30, 2013

Celebrate Yours!


Well, a couple of reasons for me to celebrate. During the last week, this blog saw its 3rd anniversary. Yep, I've been regaling you folks with information which I hope will get you paying a bit closer attention to your packages; to understand what a marvelous gift they are, ways to keep them healthy, to enjoy them, and to be proud of them.

The very next day, Big Whack Attack received its 2,000,000th page hit. This is something I never thought would come to be. And, moreover, the messages of thanks I got in the last week filled my heart with gladness.

Then, my buddy's play - you did realize he'd written a play as well as the book (in the sidebar), right? You've heard of The Vagina Monologues? Well, his is called Phallusies, and it's all about men's issues. (If you are interested, there are a few clips on YouTube from the first production.) Well, he recently learned that the play will be produced in Nashville in March. What a great gift for him! I'm so happy for him and proud of him!

This has been a pretty good year and those events were a great way to bring it to a close. Celebrate your reason to be proud, folks!











Xersex said...

I wiush you a marvellous and even better 2014!!!!!

Queer Heaven said...

Congrats my friend!

Your French Patrick said...

I do not know what is the most glorious of having made it through during three long years, with all that it means as ceaselessly renewed efforts, or to have 2,000,000 of pages sawn what proves that these pages are appreciated.
Thus, thanks and congratulations for both of these events, my dear Pat, but above all for being who you are and how you are.
A good and pleasant way to close the year which brings me to send you my best wishes for a happy New Year 2014 with health and happiness and all that you are yourself wishing.
Have a LOVE-ly day, my very dear friend, and 2,000,000 of bisous, one per page.


Congratulations on three years of fantastic blogging! And great news about the play. Wonderful post - so many hot men and wonderful cocks! Have a great New Year and may 2014 see all your dreams cum true! Hugs across the miles, Patrick

Anonymous said...

thanks for all your hard work for us to enjoy ;)2014 will be a great year for all! great guys and cocks!

whkattk said...

Thank you, everyone!

May all your dreams come true!!