Monday, December 2, 2013

In Pursuit of Boners Part IV

During the discussion of, by, and with, my Faithful Reader from Rhode Island who has been trying out Caverject, a suggestion was made that he look up a website dedicated to men struggling with ED called Frank Talk

When he did so and joined (it's free!), the President of the organization inquired where he'd learned about them. Over the holiday weekend, I received a very gracious email from them. As you will see they are in the business of helping men with all kinds of sexual dysfunction issues. Here is his message in its entirety:

I am writing you because one of our new members told me about your site and said he had posted something about penile injections on it.
Just wanted to reach out and say hi. Love the site. One of the things we tell men everyday is masturbation is not just fun, but it is physical therapy for your penis - as you said, "Keep the man parts working"
I am president of the Erectile Dysfunction Foundation, the only patient organization for men with sexual dysfunction of any kind.
Our website is  We are the first and largest noncommercial site for ED on the internet.
If your members have sexual dysfunction issues (Premature ejaculation, ED, delayed orgasm, peyronie's,...anything) this community of men can help.
Again, we are not making money off this, we are a nonprofit and it's just part of our mission.
LOVE your site and the way you are promoting healthy man parts - all the while making sure it's fun.
Keep up the good work
Paul R. Nelson
Erectile Dysfunction Foundation Inc. (501c3)

I'm extremely grateful to get that kind of endorsement. It's important to have a place to go for help and encouragement with open and frank discussions about our equipment. I've asked Paul to continue to read and join in here.

I encourage any of you who have been - or are - faced with any male issues to click on the logo below and join in the discussion forums.

I will also be adding the logo and link in the side bar for ease of future use.

Remember, guys, a good workout is important to keeping our favorite toys in working order for a lifetime of enjoyment. Exercise it well, and often!


TornJeans said...

Love the second man. Good post on the topic. Not always easy to discuss this. But to get an endorsement is nice! Keep up the great work, Rick

Xersex said...

Me too, love the last man squirting his sweet milk!!!

my last post:


Thanks for that information! I'll look them up. Nice post again. Hugs, Patrick

O!Daddie now at said...

That's gr8!!

It's refreshing to know that peeps in the 'real' world can look at our blogs with a sense of humor and acceptance.

Hats off to you, WHK~!!!

Queer Heaven said...

I checked out that site..and thanks for all the good you continue to do on your blog.

whkattk said...

@ O!Daddie - It really is nice to be reminded that they are people too, that they understand and can relate without hang-ups over language and pics. Helps us all to appreciate that, when it comes down to basics, we're all brothers.