Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Naked Theory

Well, the guests leave on Saturday... I find myself waiting with great anticipation for their departure. No, not because I am tired of them; the conversation is good, the laughs are plenty. It's simply my urge to once again lounge around naked,
enjoying the sun on my body, letting my cock get a breath of fresh air,
not having to worry about someone else's reaction to a semi-hard-on (which never fails to appear when I'm floating around naked in the pool),
or the full-blown boner that I typically follow out to the kitchen for my morning coffee.
Conversation has come around to nudity and boners - and while everyone agrees in my naked theory, they simply don't seem to be able to bring themselves to cast off their fears. Ah, well... I try my best to teach
but, as with any student, you can't make someone learn. And, as proud of my cock  as I may be (no matter its current state)





it's impolite to make one's guests feel uncomfortable.


Westernstock said...

A lot of very nice pictures and thank you for sharing your philosophy of nakedness.

O!Daddie now at said...

I'd never want to become so jaded or so used to it that the appearance of a handsome, naked man would not instantly stir a fire in my 'loins'.

Queer Heaven said...

Ah yes..never make your guests feel uncomfortable. That is a no no!

Your French Patrick said...

To be naked or not to be naked when you don't want to be impolite with your guests, it is Shakespearean!
Baker's dozens of bis♡us to help you to wait on Saturday to go out of your heartbreaking dilemma, my dear friend.

Rick Jeans said...

Like Western, thank you for sharing your views on nudity!
Well done!


Great images as always! Thanks for your visits and comments! Hugs, Patrick

Xersex said...

#2 quinn is always delicious to see
#3 love his face & look
#8 this guy is so gorgeous
#10 enormous dick & balls
#12 this guy is o sexy, but his dick is more

Upton King said...

You are a model host, putting the comfort of your guests before your own. Dear Abby would be proud. - uptonking from Wonderland burlesque

whkattk said...

@ Upton - She would, wouldn't she? I also like to think Miss Manners would be pleased, as well! ;-)

whkattk said...

@ Westernstock & Rick Jeans - Thanks, guys. I hope (someday) my views become more acceptable to the world at large.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon ami, I never thought of it in those terms; it IS a bit Shakespearean, isn't it? Bisous!