Monday, July 28, 2014

To Be or Not to Be (Naked)

It must be something in the air. Several blogs over the weekend mentioned the issue of dudes being naked in front of one another. The wife was in the shower, I had just finished, and one of our out-of-town guests stood outside our bedroom door asking a question. In my typical fashion, I walked to the open door so we wouldn't need to shout, and we had a quick conversation. I went back to finish my hair and my wife asks if he'd been bothered by my being naked. Now, why would that bother him? (It didn't, by the way. He'd seen me naked before.)
Later in the day, after I got dinner started, I went out to the patio to join their conversation where our guest was expounding on nudity. "It's always the guys who are hung - like you," he pointed to me, "that don't mind being nude in front of other people."



Hung? Me? I never thought of myself in that way. Okay, with a boner, yeah; I'm larger than the average dude and I've gotten lots of longing stares and complements over the years.


But, I've always considered my cock to be pretty much average size when it's soft (2" to 3" (depending on ambient temps).




Let me hear from you, men!

Do you think his assessment is correct? Are you comfortable being naked - or do you feel the need to be covered? And why?


Queer Heaven said...

I don't have to answer this already know the answer!

Fluffy33 said...

I prefer to be naked, I just don't get the opportunity very often.

I don't like how my body looks, I'm fat and trying to lose weight, but I would hope that in a naturist environment any confidence issues would be eased by the number and variety of bodies around me.

I was made fun of and picked on because of how my body looked at school, and all the things I felt about myself then are still with me now.

I have had the occassional complimentary comment on my dick though,from some of the few pictures I've posted online, so I can't be all bad.

Stephen Taylor said...

I enjoy being naked, doing yoga naked, sleeping and swimming naked. I don't like the way my front body looks, but through yoga I have become comfortable in my body. I am not shy to undress in a locker room, or to be naked with other guys. In fact if other guys are undressed my reaction is to join them! At home I am often only in my tee shirt at home.
My cock is normal to small when cold, but when aroused it swells to a good size. My opinion is it is not size but feeling that is important. I have come to really enjoy touching and being touched, and have learned to enjoy solo sexuality more as I approach 70.

Xersex said...

love the collection of these naive nudity! I'm not so interested in being naked, to say the truth, but for sex I love being naked (and not with leather or something strange, for example). Nothing is better than nothing!

John said...

I'm pretty comfortable being naked. I sleep naked and after my morning shower come down to breakfast totally naked. I try to stay undressed as long as possible in the mornings before going to work. My partner says he likes it, but doesn't join in which probably keeps me dressed a little more than I might if alone.
I'm not sure I'm comfortable being nude in front of friends and family though.

Your French Patrick said...

According to the Bible, we were created naked. The question should thus be "to remain naked or not".

In numerous regions the priests who evangelized the "savages" tribes which lived naked obliged them to get dressed and the result was that they were decimated by any sorts of diseases from which their nudity had previously protected them.

Wishing you a great day, my dear Pat, with all kinds of bisous everywhere (clothed parts of your body excluded).

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog. I have no problem being naked, prefer to be.

O!Daddie now at said...

I tend to be covered to some degree, even when alone.

I guess I'm a grower cuz I always considered myself below average until I started fooling around with guys who all seemed pleased with my equipment.

dl.miley said...

Enjoy being naked. It took years to let the clothes go because of family and for the "need" for modesty in the communities I lived. But how I wished I had more room to roam in the buff.

RockHard said...

If I had my way the whole world would be nude. I happen to be above average, both soft and hard, but that has nothing to do with anything. I simply HATE cloths. I would be nude all the time expect for wife. She's uncomfortable with it. I've been to a nude beach with my son. People think that's a bit odd. I don't. Nudity in the gym locker room was never a problem. I'd answer the door nude if I lived alone. After all, I have to live with "she who must be obeyed". Btw, I'm 74 with a body to die for. I work hard to stay in shape.

Anonymous said...

I love to be naked around the condo, and luckily my wife doesn't mind. Don't disrobe in front of guests, except occasionally if family stays over.

Don't go to a gym so no chance to be around other naked guys as I'd like.

I think that guys with larger penises have more confidence & swagger, much like taller men tend to have greater confidence.

Thanks for the great question and responses.

Anonymous said...

I very much enjoy being naked, either alone or with the wife.

The wife tends to not be so gung ho about it, except when we go to the beach....don't know why.

When she gets juiced up at the beach, she is fine romping around without a stitch on (inside a home or condo of course...but sometimes out on the deck at night).

I try to book as many beach weekends as I can get away with.

Anonymous said...

I love being naked around the house. I'm comfortable with being naked in a group JO with other guys. However, there's always a bit of anxiety about being TOO friendly to other guys I'm with who are naked. Breaking through that wall is not easy! Maybe if I were a perfect Kinsey 6 it wouldn't be so difficult. :)

Westernstock said...

I'm happy being naked where other guys are happy being naked.

txtigerpup said...

I enjoy being naked as often as possible, be it with friends or by myself.
I often work around the house naked. And of course, Skinny Dippin' rules.

SickoRicko said...

My boyfriend and I are naked as much as possible when at home and, of course, at the naked beach!

Andrew Hunter said...

honestly I have more issues with the size of my belly than the size of my dick. I can't control the one - but I sure can control the other. When I was younger I had very little trouble being naked - as I am older and not as in a great of shape - I am more self-conscious - but not of my manhood - it serves me well and others seem to agree. For me it is my best asset!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your visitor in the main, but there are always exceptions. Years of visiting nude beaches led me to the conclusion that hung guys are more confident and therefore happy to get nude, regardless of the rest of their bodyshape. Daily visits to the gym, however, lead me to also note that even hung guys can be reluctant to get naked in all male company.
Whatever size they are, I reckon if you're nude they are more likely to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

No problem being naked even though when flaccid I am small to medium, with a restored foreskin. (great feeling of heaviness and comfort to have the foreskin). When the beast needs to rise, it is, as one of my boyfriends put it, "Party Size", I like to be seen. In the gym locker room it occasionally happens. I know other guys look but it has never been a problem. I have many friends at the gym.
I'm 74 years old and, even though I don't blow a load 5 times a day like I did in my 20s, I still can put shot up to my chin...

Thanks for all your wonderful postings and discussions.

G**** from the "scrunched underwear"

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely small. 1.5" soft and 4" hard if I'm lucky. I've gotten myself to the point where I'm comfortable and enjoy being naked when I'm alone, but there's no way I will willingly do so in front of others anymore. When average-sized guys look at you dismissively and hung guys treat you like you're invisible, why put yourself through that? Maybe I've just been unfortunate enough to have a string of bad experiences, but I notice that only about half of the responses above me actually address the size issue as opposed to merely the comfort issue. How do they themselves react to men of different sizes? I'd be interested to know.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - I'm sorry to hear of your negative experiences. I think as we age we tend to stop being that cruel.

But, you pose a very good observation and I shall ask that question on Monday.