Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Well, now... It's the middle of the week already. I think the adage is true: the older one gets, the faster the days seem to slip past. It's important to enjoy the time we have. Spending time with friends is important. I'm so pleased to count you all as friends...
So, I hope the sights are appealing enough that you enjoy your time spent here.




And it inspires you

and maybe to spend some time with a good friend or two






 And, yes, my all straight Faithful Readers, it is perfectly okay to stroke one out with a buddy.


Your French Patrick said...

You are undoubtedly best-placed to speak about friendship because you practise it as few people know how to do it. And these very beautiful photos into the bargain spoil nothing.
Have a great day, my dear friend, while my innumerable bisous will be dancing around you like as much butterflies.

Queer Heaven said...

Super great photos today!
I hope you take your own advice and go stroke one out with a buddy.


Greetings my friend! Wonderful post as always. My day: see my doctor this morning - lunch - symphony concert this afternoon. A good day. Hugs across the seas, Patrick

Upton King said...

You know... there's something about pics like #9 that I absolutely love... I mean, it's a dude showing hard in his room, right... like someone that's actually approachable and plausible. The best porn is. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Upton King said...
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Upton King said...
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Xersex said...

today you're in a monstruos dick mood.
#1 delicious guy with a huge dick
#3 that cock on the bed looks like a tail
#6 one of the best pics of Quinn for his smile and for his dick. That pic alone would be enough for a post!
#7 what look and dick
#14 my musketeers use these swords
#15 what creamy milk!!!
the last gif is so tasteful!!!!

That post made me horny!!! I though last night I had not masturbated twice, now I'd do a wank, but my balls are dry.

AOM said...

Well Done, my brother! You've really outdone yourself today. I so appreciate your Friendship and I hope you know that you are with me always in spirit and wank. Wishing you a well-lived day, bro! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Mister Opti-mix-tic said...

I discover your blog which wants pleasantly exciting!

O!Daddie now at said...

12 months since my department was eliminated and I 'retired'. I don't exactly push myself anymore, but the hours, days, weeks, months are still flying by at warp speed.

Anonymous said...

thx for numbering shots! those cocks are to die for -wish some were friends with benifets;0
even 3some with the wife:))

Andrew Hunter said...

I agree with you that it is good to rub one out with your buddy - I had a buddy that I did that with for quite a while - then life happened - I hope to find another buddy - I think it is awesome to just do that- thanks for your posts!
BTW - you inspired me to start a blog as well :-)