Friday, July 25, 2014

Better With a Buddy

I've had this in my Blog Rolls but haven't had the opportunity to post about it. A new blogger buddy, who tells me I was his inspiration to begin a blog of his own (awww, thanks, Andrew!). Just click the title and enjoy. And tell him Whack sent ya.

We've got what I hope is a wonderful weekend ahead for everyone. Grab a buddy (or more) and enjoy yourselves.






Because it's always better with a buddy






Your French Patrick said...

I am happy to be the first one who lets a comment because so I can hope to reserve you before another one this weekend and grab you, my buddy, according to your advice, toward the landscape which pleased you and which wait for us. I do not know exactly where it is, but this is completely what we can find on the island of Reunion.
I shall thus say to you the rest in live and I am sure that we shall have a magnificent weekend only disturbed by the noise of our bisous.

Your French Patrick said...

Postscript: and certainly some other noises self-censored to preserve the good reputation of chastity of your blog.

Rick Jeans said...

After years of growing up and jacking in private with guilty and maybe shame, like many other men, it is so much better with a buddy or two. After years in private in youth, public is best as adults. Which is why I believe in group jacks. Check out in a large city near you to go to.
Great post, buddy

Queer Heaven said...

I so, so agree! I've got my buddy all ready lined up for this weekend.

Andrew Hunter said...

Thank you for posting information about my blog - man I got so many hits - your support means a lot !!! I hope BWA enjoy both our blogs and use them for what they were designed for :-) Thank you again!

- Andrew

Fuel for a Man's Fire


Thanks for the news on the new blog! Trust things are a little better for you. I know you missed posting recently. Take things easy. This old guy is very fond of you! Hugs, Patrick

a{GAY}tekeeper{iam} said...

for sure

SickoRicko said...

Have a great weekend!

Prospero said...

That last set of GIFs just made me crazy!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Oh yeah, I'm a big fan of "whacking" with a buddy or two or group. Men being men, legs spread, and doing what comes naturally. Sometimes we even have a good laugh with the noises or faces we make when about to nut. It's all in good fun.

Thanks for all the great pics.

Xersex said...

I'm back from vacations with this post:

happy weekend!

O!Daddie now at said...

Definitely better with a buddy, but in a pinch, I can always count on me, myself and I. ☺☺☺

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon ami, your bisous are so gentle they make little noise... As for the other noises made - well...yes, they best go unmentioned. ;-)

whkattk said...

@ Andrew - You're entirely welcome, my friend! Yes, I hope folks use both blogs to understand that cock is something we should be proud of and that they were meant to be enjoyed!

whkattk said...

@ LP - Thank you, my liege! I hope you know the feeling is mutual.

whkattk said...

@ Scott - Buddy, I hear ya. We shouldn't take ourselves so seriously that a group of guys whacking off together can't be funny as well as fun.

whkattk said...

@ Prospero - Thanks, dude! Glad to have you here and joining the conversations.