Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Healthy Lifestyle

It has now been quite a number of years since medical science began acknowledging that our frequent boners have nothing to do with sexual arousal. And that a good, strong stiffy is a sign of overall good health and have begun to include asking us during a routine physical if we wake up with a woody (at least the younger physicians have).


Now, it has come to my attention that medical science is finally beginning to encourage masturbation. And not only for the health benefits because frequent ejaculations lower a man's risk of prostate cancer.


Stroking one out does so much good for us, on so many levels, that it's now becoming accepted and promoted as part of a man's regular sexual activity and healthy lifestyle.

Ladies, I hope you're paying attention here. No more bitching about your man flogging his log - in fact, you can stop forcing him to hide in the bathroom, either sitting on the toilet or pretending he needs to shower to pound one out. 

He's going to jack off anyway, you may as well let him kick back where ever he's comfortable and enjoy himself.





Straight guys, you must get the women in your lives to understand why it is we whack off. If the many reasons don't immediately come to mind, hopefully subsequent posts as we revisit the topic may remind you.


O!Daddie now at http:odaddie.tumblr.com/ said...

I am requesting #4 as my lab partner so we can put all this medical science to the test.

Mark Greene said...

Yes masturbation is a healthy part of a man's life. I find it quite annoying that many people especially women treat it as a perversion. Love all the great illustrations on how to properly release your man fluids.

Ironically for me, I am on a no sex / no masturbation challenge for the month of September. But I look forward to checking out the great posts and commenting on the great stories and images.

Happy Whack Attack !

The Male Casting Couch

Rex said...



Your French Patrick said...

There was (in France) a time when we attached the children quartered in every corner of their bed to prevent them from masturbating.
But it is true as well that there was a time when we believed that the lice bring happiness and protect us from diseases.
And also that the deaf persons were possessed by the devil and must be burned lively.
But all this is not worse than to believe in a unique god or in another god... no less unique.

To answer your question, my navigator is Firefox and it allows me to choose with what I want that it reads the videos of my blog. I choose Window Media Player or KMPlayer (which is an excellent reader but which must be downloaded on the site of the manufacturer to avoid bad additions)

I like the first photo. We would believe almost that it is a sculpture.

Why would not you make a blog with only dancers' photos? I recommend you to make it on Tumblr.

Have a great day, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous.


Trust you had a great Labor Day weekend! Hot post as always.

Xersex said...

I masturbate almost everyday! could it be enough? but when I know I'm going to a orgia, I try to not masturbate 2/3 days before!

Enjoy my last post:


AOM said...

Hey Brother! I hope you had a great month. Thanks for the great info. I practice good healthy masturbation every day and hope every one else does too. In fact, I'm stroking one off with you right now as I view your blog. Hugs and Strokes bro! AOM

SickoRicko said...

It's a healthy thing to do!

Andrew Hunter said...

I actually had a doctor some years ago ask me about my masturbation habits. It was a bit awkward at first, but when he explained that it was critically important that we do masturbate for the reasons you mention - I was like bring it on!!! That was truly the moment I stopped feeling guilty about it. And - I had a friend who died of prostate cancer because he would not masturbate - even though the doctor told him to!

whkattk said...

@Andrew - I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

The first doc to ask me about my masturbation habits and lecture me was close to 25 years ago. I've heeded his warning to make it a regular part of my sexual activity.