Saturday, November 15, 2014

Love Your Balls

Balls, nuts, man-berries, the boys... Whatever you like to call them, your testicles are important. Yes, they are. But not so important that you should give up your life. You love them. You love to play with them; you love them played with. But no so much as to give up your life.
It's that time again, folks. Yes, it's
Buddy Ball Check Day
Haul those babies out and do that TSE. Grasp them between your fingers, roll 'em around, gently squeeze them. No lumps, no "hard" spots, no unusually tender spots? Great! 

Now, save a life. Call or contact every male in your life and tell them to do the same.
Gather together and do a group check if you like.


Can't remember how to check your balls - or someone else's? Watch the video. This doctor demonstrates on a nice young man; then he proceeds to do the check on himself.

I can't stress this enough, folks. This year, in the US alone, more than 8,000 cases of Testicular cancer. And almost 400 deaths. Don't be stupid; be bold!

 Ball Check Video

This is a public service announcement to pass along as a Google+, forward, or re-post.
Do your part!


Xersex said...

omg #11 is impressive!!!

enjoy my last post:

happy sunGAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Thanks for the reminder, will do, and hopefully get a buddy over here and check his:)

I love the carton of eggs, I refer to a dudes balls sometimes as his "eggs". They do look like our balls:):) Some dudes have "goose eggs" Big freaking nuts, I love them.

O!Daddie now at said...

noted, check and reblogged - good for another month !!