Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bond Awestruck

I was completely knocked out. Totally awestruck. As with a few of my blogger buddies, I feel I've met another kindred spirit; a guy who "gets it." It takes a real man, one who is comfortable, confident, and secure in his masculinity and his sexuality to hang out naked with male friends.

Whether that is in the locker room at the gym, at home watching a game, or just sitting around talking and enjoying some company. When someone pops a bit of wood, it gets noticed (of course) but it's not made into a big deal; chubs and full-on boners happen all the time for a myriad of reasons.





And, of course, there's the freedom of honesty between real friends, between men who acknowledge they belong to a true brotherhood. That means they can admit they jerk off without embarrassment. They can get a big old boner in front of the other guys.

They can jack off together.

Because they know it's just something guys do. It's normal, it's natural, it's an activity all men have in common. So it can be enjoyed openly and together.
Even lending a hand is perfectly normal.
Check it out:

I've added a link to his website at the very top of my sidebar ----->

You straight guys who read here, especially owe it to yourselves to click on over.

Speaking of blogger buddies, kindred spirits, and Faithful Readers, Your French Patrick has had to open a new blog. You must now add a hyphen: French-Patrick. It's been corrected in my blog rolls, but here's a direct link:


Xersex said...

love the importance given to dick by bro bonding! dick is in the middle of the body and of male life!

thanks for your comment here:

Your French Patrick said...

Thank you very much for this mention, my sooo dear friend. I already knew why I loved you so much, because you have just as much heart and a sackful of kindness. I had no doubt on this matter, and otherwise they would have been swept all at once.

I love the photos 7 & 8.

Wishing you a wondrous day with so much bisous that you can share one whith your wife with no problem.

AOM said...

Yes, Great blog there. Love all the discussion of bromancing and how it goes beyond being gay or straight. Just to hang out with each other proud of being males together. Hope to see this thinking become the norm in our culture. Wishing you all the best, bro. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Fluffy33 said...

I think the main problem in finding other men that understand this is that in todays society, open acceptance of masculinity is considered gay/queer/perverted. You can no longer be man, you have to be a "normal" man. One that hides his natural nature behind bravado and imposed social etiquette, so as not to offend women or embarrass other men.

And it seems that even in gay society, where you would think that masculinity would be welcomed, it generally only is if you are of a certain body type or if you conform to stereotypes.

So much for being an advanced culture.

O!Daddie now at said...

ummm, I totally agree with "Fluffy" - well-said!!

whkattk said...

@ Fluffy - Yes, there is still that pervasive attitude. I think the arts (theatre, serious film, documentaries) are making an effort to change that.

Sadly, the gay community has ALWAYS been harsh like that. Especially in the bar scene - or the bathhouses. It will be many more decades before that is squelched. But, there is hope...

Mark Greene said...

I missed this one yesterday but glad I found it today. I think for me, it is very hard for me to masturbate with my friends if we aren't planning to get together sexually. Now I talk openly and candidly about it all the time with them. But to say," Hey let's watch some porn ! " then we begin to masturbate feels way to strange unless of course we are fuck buddies or friends with benefits.

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