Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More Cock Education

Lordy! I completely forgot I have a dental appointment this morning. Sorry, folks. I shall update the post when I get back. Whew...well that's done for another 3 months.
So, in following up... If we, as parents or role models, do not speak up and educate our sons, who will? Any type of sex ed in school - no matter how thorough - cannot cover the kinds of things they need to know. For instance, as young men they should know that pre-cum is normal and that it can contain live, motile sperm.


That a guy doesn't need a boner to leak pre-cum.
That when they have an orgasm they should be shooting a load.
I have a friend who tried unsuccessfully for several years (in his early 20's) to father a child. His wife finally convinced him they needed to seek help. When the doctor handed him a vial for the semen sample, my buddy didn't understand. He said this doctor looked at him dumbfounded, "Do you produce semen when you cum?"
Well, as it turned out, my buddy had all the sensations of an orgasm, but had no clue that he should actually be shooting cum because he never had. Diagnosis: Retrograde Ejaculation. When he came, every spurt of jizz was sent into his bladder.
Who is going to explain to a young guy that cumming can actually hurt - hurt like a motherfucker. A man's balls pull up when he cums. But it is not the scrunch of the ballsac that does it. The scrotum pulls our balls close for protection from the cold and from imminent danger. It's the Cremaster Muscles, which surround the testicles, that yank our nuts upward and squeeze them to move the sperm into the Seminal Vesicles. And, sometimes, those muscles can clamp down - hard.


Is a sex ed teacher going tell young men that the head of their cocks can sometimes get extremely - and I do mean extremely - sensitive when they cum? But that it's normal. I think not.

And young men should not have to figure these things out on their own; their fathers should be teaching them this stuff.



Xersex said...

you've an appointmet with this kind of dentist?

enjoy my last post:

Queer Heaven said...

Just wanted you to know that the cost of getting in the sex club not only includes all the Dicks and Asees you want but fully open bar. So, really not expensive.

Your French Patrick said...

You are right about the cremaster muscles, it can hurt.
But what do you expect, it's not his fault.
Thus forgive him, elevators had not been invented yet when one of the uncountable unique gods created the man.
It is not easy when we come oneself from the nothingness and when we want to create the universe with the nothingness as raw material.
I am against the religions, but in this case I demand your indulgence for him.

Wishing you a wondrous day (without dentist it will be easier) with a lot of bisous.


Great advice as always! Dentist!??! Wonderful photos! Hugs, Patrick

Jean said...

As usual, full of info about you mysterious men, ha. Dentist every 3 mos? Yikes!

T said...

Sex Ed will always be something that will be fought in Schools. Always taboo subject.

Its not just the penis but vagina too; most people wouldnt know what to do with either one of them. They will think its just for sex/pissing/breeding. Those are their only functions.

Not just erections tell us if we healthy or not but even when soft your penis will let you know about what is going on inside you. Your wee will show if you have a chemical imbalance; normal wee is mostly clear with little bit of yellow. If its heavy yellow its your body getting rid of excess toxins or other imbalance from your body. Smell of it too.

Its not there to pass liquids out the front; solids out the back. There is more to the penis than just piss and cum.

AOM said...

Excellent information and advise. All things that are natural to us as human beings should be openly and honestly discussed. The lack of education is what messes people up. Thanks for all you bring to us. Wishing you a super bonerific day, bro. Oh! If I were your dentist, you would have gotten drilled today. LOL :p Hugs and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

Great post!

whkattk said...

@ T - Yes, the cock can tell us all kinds of things - if we'll only listen - and we should take the time to enjoy and appreciate them.

O!Daddie now at said...

Retrograde ejaculation - now that's a new one on me!!


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