Thursday, August 6, 2015

Feel Free to J/O

A question came in from a Faithful Reader concerning the frequency of jacking off; how often is too much?
Of course, during our years of raging hormones we're hiding our boners behind anything we can find because we are under the assumption that it's all about sex and we need to get our rocks off. So it's quite common to be stroking out a load numerous times per day.
As we age, the Testosterone levels off and we also begin to recognize the difference between those fits of hard-on's and the masturbatory activity slows down. The frequency with which men masturbate varies greatly from guy to guy, and situation to situation.
The reader says, at age 44, he still wanks once per day - twice if he and his spouse do not have sex in the evening. Perfectly normal. And, thankfully, he and his spouse are very open about sexual things. Some guys have naturally higher levels of Testosterone and he may be one of them.
He asked some male friends if they still jerked off regularly and they said no, they reserved orgasm for their spouses. These guys are either, 1. Lying, because to admit they whack off is tantamount to being a loser - only lame, single guys who can't get laid jerk off, or 2. Their T levels have significantly dropped off - which is normal for men in their 40's and 50's - and the interest in sex has dropped accordingly. I'm going to vote for #1.
According to Kinsey, married men in his age group have sex (on average) 2 to 3 times per month; a measeley 24 to 36 times per year! 85% admit to masturbating regularly, ostensibly to supplement the partner activity.

The reader also had seen articles which led him to worry that he may be addicted to sex. Yet, his activity does not interfere with his daily life commitments; it does not rule him, does not urge him to engage in risky sexual behavior: unprotected sex with numerous and anonymous partners.

2 or 3 ejaculations per month is not healthy. The medical community has been telling us for a little more than a decade now that men should cum at least twice per week.
Taking matters into your own hands is normal, and common.
Jacking off daily is actually healthy. Not only will it reduce the risk of many medical issues such as prostate cancer, it helps keep the tissues of the male genitals fully functioning.

It's the old adage "use it or lose it."
Don't lose it, guys.


RockHard said...

Last year I asked my primary to check my T. When it came back 692 he asked if I were supplementing. I told him he should know better. My father couldn't keep his pants on right up to the day he died. He couldn't stand still as long as there was a virgin left on the planet. I assume I've inherited an overdose of his DNA. I'm home alone today and have had one cum. There's at least one more coming. I thought two prostate meds for BPH would slow things down a bit. Not so. I'm also as hard now as when I was a kid. Thus the name. One more thing.......I have one testicle. The left one's a prosthesis. I'm very grateful 75 year old.

Xersex said...

I bet that I will be as rockhard is now, at 75 years of age. Now I'm 43 and I always want sex. Some people at my sex club ask me if if I always want sex and if I am ever so desirous and lustful. And I admit I'm 150% thinking to sex!


Enjoy it when you can, while you can!

mistress maddie said...

At 38, I jack off almost daily two times a day. On weekends it can be more. Even when dating or in a relationship....with sex, I at times still would jack off. I like dick. What can I say?

Jean said...

Amen, we women certainly don't want you to lose it. We'll do our part!

A French Patrick said...

I let Mother Nature (the only woman who can influence my behavior) take its course. When I want, it's perfect. When I do not want, that is not a problem. But I admit that when it seems to me that the Mother Nature has a short memory, I lend hert a... helping hand. On my side, I have enough visual sexual solicitations at random of what propose the blogs which I frequent, including your own, to have no risk of having a short memory.

Have a great weekend, my love. Bisous.

Fullmoonma said...

An alternative view

Although I masturbate a lot - more than a half an hour most days - my ejaculations are several weeks apart, although my masturbation practice involves multiple dry orgasms each session. Otherwise, my erotic level, my horniness, is very low and I don't live fully. This is consistent with Eastern notions of the flow of erotic energy in the body and the recommendations of my tantra teacher (well almost - he recommends no ejaculations after age 50 or 60, and I'm 72). I'm aware of recommendations for prostate health, and my prostate was under intense scrutiny a decade ago, but seems OK on my annual check-ups. Perhaps the clear fluid that leaks out during my orgasms is prostatic fluid and that helps. It doesn't smell like sperm, and doesn't have the slimy texture of an ejaculation, so I'm not sure.

Bottom line is that I'm intensely interested in keeping my "man parts" healthy, but not at the expense of my erotic life. There may be a relationship between frequent ejaculation and a lowered rate of prostate cancer that some studies report, but there is also conflicting evidence and I'm going with what my body tells me and keeping watch on my prostate.

Every few years I'll get the intention to ejaculate every day for a week, just to try and see what happens - which is that by the 3rd or 4th day I forget my intention, forget I even have a cock, and it takes days to get back to my regular masturbation practice.

RockHard said...

I'm guessing that fluid is coming from Cowper's glands. The counterpart in females is Bartholin's glands. We men usually call it precum.

SickoRicko said...

Use to jack off every day. Now, only once or twice a week.

Anonymous said...

At present I'm 69, I on average masturbate 2 times a day. Have done so for as long as I can remember. This has been true even when I have sex with my partner. I even have nocturnal emissions a few times each year.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a male thing.... my father is 61 and I know he jo every day at his car in the garage, it's an old habit....
as a kid when I asked him about it he said it's like brushing teeth... lol
so I brush tooth every day and when I don't I can have wet dreams and wake up and run to the bathroom to avoid it, my partner knows and he's ok with it now!

Anonymous said...

need to j/o every day, no matter how