Monday, August 24, 2015

Nature = Natural

With men's sexual urgencies much more pronounced than women, it's kind of strange that all men aren't comfortable being naked with one another. And that more men don't engage in M-M activity.

Masturbating with one another is truly a rather innocuous thing.



While it satisfies the (daily) urge we have to get our rocks off - or suffer the consequences of aching balls, and almost constant erections because every movement which engages the cock with sensations causes further rise


- it is masturbation; a normal, healthy release.



Yes, it does draw us closer to one another, creates a tighter bond, yet it is not the same thing as a life-long, partnered relationship. 
It's simply a sharing of a common human activity - one that (most) men engage in on a regular basis.
But, as many responses to Friday's post show, we are all still petrified of societal disapproval and the consequential labels to even admit they could enjoy it

What can we do to quell the onslaught, to get the general populations of the world to accept that - as one Faithful Reader put it: 80% of humans are bisexual?
That nature does equal natural?


Pictures of hot guys said...

I believe most if not all of the people in the world are bisexual. I really do. That said, I think they should engage with each other & enjoy themselves together. :)

A French Patrick said...

I shall read what follows "M-M" when I shall have understood it.
I searched, but I found only "M&M" wich is obviously something else.
Anyway, great photos!
And thanking you for your very kind last message on my blog, I wish you a wondrous day with as much bisous as you want.

SickoRicko said...

It's all natural!

Jean said...

Amen, SickoRicko. I think men care a lot more about how other men see their sexual identity. (Maybe because boys and men can be so mean in their teasing each other. ) I've always experienced women to be much more accepting of men in general, though. A woman will often stay married to a gay man, but a man would not do the same for a lesbian woman.

AOM said...

I agree that the vast majority of people are in the middle of a gradient between the two poles of sexuality (total str8 - total gay) I think culture is the dominant influence. Thanks for all you do for us, bro. Wishing you a delicious jizztatic day! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

whkattk said...

@ MFP - my way of indicating Male on Male, Man to Man... But you knew that. :-)

A French Patrick said...

If it's "YOUR" way, a reason more to explicit it.
LOL, it's all the initials wich are known as well as BWA or AOM or YFP.
I prefer
M/M Men on men.
M<=>M Men to men

whkattk said...

@ MFP - I have never seen that final one. Yet, those other initials of which I am very well aware mean much love, and as many hugs and bisous and strokes as one may receive!

Xersex said...

I'm 100% gay, but it would seem so strange if 80% of human beings would not have been at least bisex!