Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Straight to...Not So Much

A comment from an anonymous reader ensured me that plenty of Bi guys read this blog. Being bisexual myself, I sure hope so! Big Whack Attack is about men's packages, regardless of sexual orientation. Gay, Straight, Bi; from one end of the spectrum to the other, and as he put it, "not so straight" guys - though he stated he didn't know what that meant.
The completely Straight man may be comfortable in a gym locker room, showers, or with casual nudity. In my experience, he'll even jack off with a buddy or two, or in a large group. The vast majority of men in the Jack Off Group I belonged to were straight, and the guys in the military circle jerks were straight.
The straight guy might - might - be fine with a dude giving him a blow job or a hand job.

While a "not so straight" dude is one who finds cock - other than his own - to be look at, to wonder about, to think about. He is what the "Q" stands for in LGBTQ. He may be curious as to what it might be like to touch another man's cock, to feel it get hard, to experience another man cumming.

He's not interested in - may even be appalled by the thought of - kissing a guy.
He certainly has no inclination to be a Top or a Bottom. He most likely has no interest in sucking a cock - though he's likely open to a guy sucking him off.
The 'not so straight man' finds joy in jacking off with a buddy or two, or in a group, and he's not at all afraid to have another guy's arm or hand touch his body.

He might - at some point - reach over and play with the cock next to him
and enjoy kicking back for some mutual stroking.
He might - might - enjoy some frot, rubbing cocks together, or have one sliding against him.

He's also the type of man who is not ashamed to let other men see his cock in the locker room or showers at the gym - even if he gets a bit of a hard-on.
Like his completely Straight counterpart, he's comfortable with casual nudity with his friends, too; doesn't feel as if he should have to hide anything.
But, unlike the wholly straight guy, he's not afraid to have a buddy's cock make body contact with him
If a buddy's cock makes momentary contact with his, he doesn't get all freaked out.

He doesn't get upset to notice his naked buddy has a boner.


At least, in my experience, that's my interpretation.
Come on all you Straight dudes who read - and I know you're out there - feel free to chime in.
Thoughts? Opinions?


RockHard said...

Straight dude here. You described me quite well. Kissing, being a top or bottom. No thanks. Kissing? Yuck. Good grief, no. I wish I could find a jack off club. I'd be there in a heartbeat. I'm not at all shy being nude around other men. I also seem to have an endless fascination about penises. They are amazing things. I would like to know what it's like to feel one and make it hard. I don't want it in my mouth. I think however, I'd let another guy suck me. See, I've never had a bj. Most women of my generation think it's a dirty thing to do. I've tried explaining a clean cock is cleaner than tongue dueling, all to no avail. Wife used to nibble/chew my lower lip and tongue. She wouldn't put her mouth anywhere near my cock. A bj is at the very top of my bucket list. Wife's off sex due to health reasons. Sometimes I wish I felt like "cheating" was ok.

Hot Studs said...

Oh wow, so much fun at one place! :) Read RockHard's comment above. Very hot! I find straight dudes quite sexy. Love their face expressions while they enjoy someone handling their tool. ^_^

AOM said...

Great article, bro. I've enjoyed sex with both men and women, though I am more comfy with guys. It's all good, feels good, and a great way to connect. Thanks for promoting such healthy attitudes. Wishing you a bonerfic day! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

A French Patrick said...

The Q in LGBTQ stand for "Queer". You are not the only one in the USA who thinks that this Q can mean "Questioning", but it is no more than than an American's little local curiosity thanks to which this acronym is getting pretty damn confusing.

The marvelous global community of same-sex-loving and gender-non-conforming individuals has spiraled into a gloriously confusing rainbow of identities and communities. As a matter of fact, there are probably more identities in the queer community now than there are colors in the rainbow.

The right acronym is LGBT and doesn't need the adds which turn it into a LGBTQ or a LGBTQIA or a LGBTTIQQ2SA or a LGBTQIDK
No more than to be shortened in LGB.

I wish you a wondrous day, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous.

Mark Greene said...

I appreciate straight men who are open minded. I must say as a gay man, however, I do not understand straight men. I could understand being bisexual a little more, but a straight man that doesn't find other guys attractive but engage in certain activities with men boggles my mind. I would normally prejudge and say "Just another gay guy that doesn't want to come to terms that he's gay" But that is not always the case as i just recently discovered meeting a straight man that I blew. We talked some time about this. Although I don't understand I try not to be dismissive of his preference because as a gay man I know what it feels like.

What it comes down to is doing what is good for you. And don't worry about what box society tries to put you in.

The Male Casting Couch


You have done well, my friend! Being very much towards the gay end of the spectrum myself I still enjoy your thoughts and images! I'm off shortly to the city - Travel Agent, then Doctor!

Xersex said...

you've no idea how many "not so straight men" there are!!! men apparently straight who discover to enjoy sex among men!!! at least bisex ... ahh if their wife/girrlfriends could know ...

mistress maddie said...

What a great post!!!! You have answered some of my burning questions. One of my regular partners is bi. We started out as just jack off buddies, but it has progressed to full on sex. He has a regular girlfriend also, and she is aware of me. I find the whole bi thing fascinating. He once wanted a threesome with the three of us, but I am 100% gay and loss me hard on when she hit the bed. She was very beautiful, but woman don't do a darn thing for me. But she was very cool, and ended up watching us while she had fun herself. I also agree a lot with what Xersex had to add.

SteveXS said...

There's a whole hell of a lot of us in that category. Most are on the downlow so it's hard to tell how many guys in the good ole USA like messing around w/their buddies. But if personal experience is any kind of barometer, maybe a small majority would j.o. with another dude if they had the chance and knew they could get away with it.

Jean said...

Isn't a mouth a mouth? I can understand a guy enjoying a BJ from a man or a woman. A hand is a hand and performs the same functions, male or female.
Seeing guys having sex can be amazingly very similar to a man and woman having sex., I think. I wonder if that's why some guys think they are bi? Is good sex good with anyone?

Also most folks just don't get the opportunity to try all this out to even know. Like guys said earlier they would join a group if they knew of one. I am hetero female and can appreciate female beauty but I would spend zero time sexually with a woman. But who knows??? I suspect the thrill is the result of doing something totally different. Few people get to actually try it all!

Xersex: Just as there are many wives/girlfriends that don't know, there are many husbands/friends who don't know either.

Fullmoonma said...

This reminds me of a friend and co-worker, totally gay, who used to hang out in hotel bars 40 years ago and seduce "straight" men just to see if he could do it. He claimed his most effective line was "a mouth is a mouth"! I never enjoyed his thick pale cock - it seemed inappropriate since I was his boss - but I sure thought about it a lot, especially when he was freeballing in some amazing pink cotton pants that left nothing to the imagination. He did see me get one of the best blow jobs on my life when a gay hiking group stayed overnight at my house - and was strangely outraged at my allowing this to happen in a group. Really good blow jobs are very rare for me - it takes special skills to service my thick cock - and I empathize with the "not so straight" men who long for this. As a gay man who's only had his cock in a transman's vagina a couple of times I'd love to repeat that experience - it felt almost like my greatest blow job!

SickoRicko said...

Great post! Informative and erotic!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - well, it isn't really the same... not in my experience, anyway. My wife has given me handjobs and blowjobs and she's pretty good at them. But she's nowhere near as good as the guys that have treated me. And, as mistress maddie said, some guys can't get it up or keep it up if the gender isn't "right." Though, I must ask him why he didn't put his efforts into concentrating on his was his friend's desire for a bi three-way, to have his girlfriend involved, it doesn't mean mistress was expected to perform on the girlfriend.
For a bisexual, yeah, good sex can be good with either gender. At least that's my experience with it. But, the natural arousal still must be there.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - The folks here will accept either Questioning or Queer when the acronym is extended to include the Q. Though some find "queer" to be offensive, stating they are not "odd" but as normal as any other human. Eh, be that all as it may, I extended to the Q only for the purposes of explanation for the reader to understand the "not so straight" man. My bisous, my heart!

A French Patrick said...

In any case, adding or not the Q, it's obvious that the queers are at home and wellcome. And they know it.
It's not a reason to add letters endless to make a "soup of letters' such as LGBTTTQQIAA
Happy weekend, my love. Bisous.

Anonymous said...

two things, my bating years were before internet and we shared photos but one at a time, never saw my budys boner. never saw a boner at the showers too.

Anonymous said...

I guess ally in places like Uganda? (Being poz or opposing the anti-gay laws is also "aggravated homosexuality".)

Anyway, I think it's something like that. I jerk off with close male friends a lot. I do frot. I have swam and wrestled naked in an all-male setting. And yes, I have hugged a guy, naked, our penises touching. (Actually, our wrestling matches end with the winner helping the loser stand and a full-body embrace.) I've done docking, never got a blowjob from a guy but I'm not averse to it. Not into anal. Have done threesomes of the mmf variety.

Most straight guys seem to have a line, but it's usually not "I'm the only dick here."

whkattk said...

@ Anon - The line in the sand for straight guys is usually anal - maybe they'll top, but never bottom.