Thursday, August 27, 2015

Edging or Gooning

Your French Patrick, friend and Faithful Reader, asks if I had addressed "edging" - if perhaps he'd missed it somewhere in yesterday's post. I've posted about it before, but it bears repeating.
Edging is not the same as keeping your cock hard for continual, mindless play.
It isn't, as some people believe, deliberately halting before an ejaculation, allowing the boner to wilt,
and returning to sexual activity hours later.
That is purposely delaying (avoiding) the orgasm which, as Faithful Reader, the beautiful Mistress Maddie indicates, can lead to an explosive, voluminous ejaculation.
Edging takes mindful concentration because it is bringing yourself to, and remaining right on the edge of the "point of no return," with continued constant cock stimulation. Some guys refer to it as "gooning," because they are so lost in the pleasure that they are no longer aware of anything but the heightened sensations.


While women can edge, too, being capable of multiple orgasm I don't know why they would want to edge. While some ladies would love to be able to cum easier, I think a lot of guys would love to achieve the multiple orgasm.

Go ahead, give it a try. If you succeed in remaining on the verge of cumming for a lengthened period of time, 



the eventual explosion should result in a larger, more forceful than normal geyser.



Xersex said...

in my opinion, to get an intense(r) orgasm, you have not to cum few days before!

A French Patrick said...

I had not forgotten that you had already handled this subject, my dear Pat.
How would it be possible?
I said only that it was not mentioned.
But you are right, it bears repeating.
Especially accompanied with so beautiful photos.
I wish that you are on edge of having a wondrous day, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous.

Jean said...

Has mother nature played a trick on us? Pairing up women who can take forever with men who can't last? I think the gay guys may be the best match! Especially trying this edging together.

On second thought, maybe us females have been edging all along and just don't know it.

mistress maddie said...

I do love edging when I can. The point on the verge is, to me , the deepest, most hot sensation there is. But the multiple orgasm would be nice. I can cum twice or three times in a night if I'm with the right person. Except tonight when I saw the first gif. That did me in. And guy 9!!!! Nice to see a familiar, talented face!!!!

Fullmoonma said...

This is my usual mode of masturbation - except I only come every 3 weeks or so to keep the charge building and building. It's the way my body works now...

I settle on the daybed just before 7AM and start to oil, stretch, and then jack my cock hard to the first orgasmic peak of the day. It’s very thick and stiff this morning and extremely wired for pleasure. Fold my legs into a sitting position and just concentrate on how intense I can make the pleasure with slow easy stroking. Orgasm follows orgasm about every 50 seconds. Cock leaks precome just before the peak then swells up to gigantic size before shooting out energy to the universe, flooding my body.

At 20 minutes/orgasms I unfold legs and stretch them out to the side leaving my cock alone thrusting up from my sex chakra. Slide forward and jack a few orgasms sitting on the edge of the day bed – marveling on how long my cock is sticking out horizontally. Then slide off the edge and down to sit on my knees. Energy rises and precome flows at each peak until I worry that I won’t be able to keep from ejaculating so stand up and start to wander around as I stroke.

Want to see my huge cock in the mirror so make my way upstairs to the music room mirror and there it is – thick and dark red and curved with my hand flying back and forth. After a few orgasms head back to the stairs and start the orgasmic stair sequence. Stand at the top of the stair and jack out an orgasm, then down one step and repeat. The stroking and orgasms are pretty continuous and I need to hold on with my left hand to maintain my balance because I’m gooning out so much. By the time I reach the bottom step the peaks are just little humps in the orgasmic flow that has me fully charged and deeply relaxed.
It’s 7:40.

After writing for a half an hour I’m tempted to see if there are any more orgasms left in my cock this morning. Set laptop aside and lean back in the lounger, stroke my cock hard, then oil it, and spend 10 minutes finding those 12 lost orgasms. The last two don’t come easily. My left hand is wrapped around the base, and right hand strokes a long time until cock gets huge and then spews out big big orgasms. I’m gooned again!

(from the 616th entry to my blog -

whkattk said...

@ Jean - it does seem a rather mean thing to do to us, doesn't it? Not quite fair that us guys will blast off in a NY minute and you ladies take the slow train to Timbuktu. LOL.

SickoRicko said...

I've tried it but could never succeed.

Anonymous said...

Edging, and more specifically gooning, is the most spiritual adventure. You get totally lost in the powerful pleasurable feeling not just surging through your cock but radiating throughout your entire body. Hours into a good session can feel like non stop orgasm without the ejaculation, but precuming like a leaky faucet. Let it build up for a few days before finally, in the deep dark depths of a goon session you start to lose control and eventually have a gushing jizz geyser orgasm.

I also started regular kegel exercises a few years ago and the edging experiences and orgasms have definitely benefited from them! A strong PC muscle is a great thing!!!

And for added pleasure, a prostate massager makes for an even more kickass experience. Cock rings too, of course!!!