Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Proper Hall Pass

First off, let me say that I hope all of my Faithful Readers who are within the path of the big snowstorm hitting the U.S. East Coast will stay safe and warm. Hunker down with your favorite Hot Libation of your choice, grab a good book or movie, snuggle down under a pile of blankets. Emerge when it's all over and, if you find yourselves up to your asses in snow, well, perhaps someone will come help you dig out.
So, Dear Abby got another one right. She's come up a notch in my book - at least when it comes to nudity.
A man wrote in to say his wife (he didn't include himself, though it's entirely possible he does the same) enjoys swimming and sunbathing in the nude. They built the requisite fencing around the property, even planted trees and bushes to enhance the privacy.


His issue happens to be the new neighbors in the 2-story house; the neighbor lady has asked that the nudity be stopped because her own husband and son have quite the view. The writer asks if he and his wife must cease the enjoyment of their lifestyle to suit the neighbors. Abby issued them the proper Hall Pass.

Just because the neighbor father and son appear to spend time peering at the naked bodies
- perhaps even doing a bit of spyjacking -

does not require the writer or his spouse to cover up.

What needs to happen is the neighbor lady - if she is so concerned - needs to have a discussion with her husband and son. For them to look is normal, to develop a healthy boner is normal, to use the mental memory as fodder for a nice jacking session is normal.



To spend long minutes or hours (as the case may be) lurking as Peeping Tom's is not.


Xersex said...

nice pics!!!

Anonymous said...

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A French Patrick said...

Today, it is the Hug Day, the international day of cuddling and of the cuddle therapy. Added to the cold weather it is another good reason for being cuddling to share some body warmth. When we were babies, it is by cuddles that our parents reassured us and showed us their love, and it stays in our subconscious for life. That is why the cuddle release many nice hormones and is good for health on many points that I have already detailed on our buddy AOM's blog. And that I am too lazy to repeat them.
I send you a lot of bisous, darling, by wishing you a wondrous day with many wondrous cuddles.


Great as always! Trust you have a restful weekend! Big storms here last night, but it is still very humid with more rain predicted. Hugs, Patrick

mistress maddie said...

Thanks you for your warm wished with the approaching snow storm on Saturday. We are expected to get almost 2 feet. I guess my call into Mother Nature has payed off! The Lad will be here so I have the feeling we will be doing a lot of ball checks!!!!!! Meanwhile that lady complaining about the nudity probably wouldn't be complaining if the guy was a chiseled hunk!!!!!

SickoRicko said...

Nudity is very natural, and there are way too many prudes in this country.

Jean WM said...

The lady next door was more worried about her husband watching the nude lady next door, than the nudity I suspect. Maybe she needs the cuddling!

In the meantime, nice photos for cold weather times.

AOM said...

LOL Reminds me of the joke about the lady who called the police about a seeing a man who was nude in his home. The police showed up and said he couldn't see anything. The woman said - "OH! you need these" handing him a pair of binoculoars. : ) How silly - block the damn window or just don't look, Ethel! Why is it always the other person's responsibility to change. Great post, bro. Stay warm and comfy with a weekend full of jizz! Hugs and Strokes, my Friend. AOM